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13 Secrets To Styling Hair

By shinychris on March 20th, 2012

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We could say that our hair is the most important part of our appearance. As such it is very important to take good care of our hair at all times. From time to time we all need some new tips on how to style our hair and use the right hair products. So here is some advice that can be helpful.

1. You should use shampoos on a daily basis only when you have extremely oily hair. Excessive shampooing will cause your hair to get dry. Also, something else that can be really harmful for your hair are the blow dryer and the hot irons. Let your hair dry out naturally and you will surely see the difference.

2. When you are getting ready for an event then you shouldn’t wash your hair the mooring before the big affair. Hairdressers will often use dry shampoo or a variety of hair products and not wash your hair normally either. When you are thinking about doing your own hairstyle then you should definitely try the baby powder instead of the dry shampoo. You’ll see that it has the same effect.

3. Wavy hair is a big trend these days. So when you are looking to recreate the Duchess of Cambridge’s locks then you will be surprised of how easy this can be. You will need to spritz some styling spray on your hair, use the curling iron and maybe use some hair rollers to make sure that the effect will last.

4. You shouldn’t brush your hair while it is wet. Detangle your hair with your fingers and only when the hair is dry, bring out the brush.

5. You can have sexy hair in no time if you choose to use salt spray. It’s easy to have sexy, carefree waves with the ingredients that you can find in your kitchen and no perms.

6. Choose bangs to chance your hairstyle. Create a chic look with their help! You have to make sure though that you opt for the right one for you. With layering your hair you will definitely look great in no time.

7. You can choose to change the color of your hair every now and then. This way you will improve your look and boots your confidence a little bit.

8. When you have long hair you need to maintain it properly. You should style it, cut your split ends and every now and then you should give it a treatment.

9. The best haircuts are the friendly ones. They are easy to maintain and your hairdresser can help you with achieving them. With their help you will definitely look wonderful.

10. Make sure that you create some lose buns for those days when you want a carefree look and still control your hair.

11. When you want to achieve shiny hair, all your need is to use special serums. Spray a few drops on your locks and gently rub your hair.

12.Faded colors look horrible, this is why you should color your hair when you deem fit.

13.Go to the hairdressers every three months, There’s no need to change your hairstyle, all you need to do is to maintain you look.

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Hair products from Windle & Moodie – top tools for the job

By shinychris on November 9th, 2011

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For style savvy individuals it’s common knowledge that fabulous doesn’t simply fall from trees. It takes hard work, and the tools of the trade determine how challenging that toil will be. Using the right hair products can turn your look from damaged and dull to show stopping stunner.

Windle & Moodie introduce a head turning range of salon quality hair products. This exciting new collection of trend topping must have’s takes the fine art of hair styling to the next level. The electrical products have been skilfully created by both studio and salon stylists, combining effortless versatility and dependability. The great news is, consumers now have access to these super tools, and home hair styling routines will never be the same.

Featured in Vogue magazine, WAM’s professional salon hairdryer is carefully designed with the end user in mind.  It is intelligently built, easy to hold and can achieve perfectly polished results in a reduced drying time of up to 50%. For any woman who’s experienced the arduous task of bracing one arm in the air, swishing the head from side to side and sweltering under blasts of hot air for what seems like ages…this is an invaluable innovation.

Just some of the delightful features include 2150W power, 1.5 million ions per cm3, 2000 hours of performance; it also has an easy to use, foldable handle for left and right handed people, two speeds and four air temperature flow combinations. In addition it has a double insulation system, a soft touch, black rubber coating and a 3metre long cord for ultimate flexibility. Add some Bumble & Bumble thickening hairspray; then add the WAM universal diffuser for curls, volume and texture.

Next on the hot list is a selection of revolving irons. A revolution in curling technology, these irons actually have a rotating barrel that does all the hard work for you. Never before has it been this easy to create beautiful curls. The anodised barrel and ceramic heating technology leave the hair perfectly smooth and glossy; bye-bye frizzy nests. This range includes three convenient sizes for quirky spirals, bouncing curls or long and luxurious waves.

Of course, for those who are blessed with natural curls or dancing spirals that have a will of their own, there is always an incessant desire to keep it straight. The advanced digital straightening iron from WAM introduces wonder working technology that will have those unruly waves under your full control in record time. With tourmaline ceramic technology, the plates reach an ultra-hot temperature of 220°C and maintain a high temperature during use. It includes a digital variable temperature control, LCD temperature display, universal voltage for use anywhere in the world and comes with a Europe to UK adaptor as standard.

So, gone are the days of painstaking beauty rituals. Fabulous has become a lot easier to achieve – how far technology has come.

Find these and many other ground breaking products at the Windle & Moodie salon in Covent Garden.


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