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Our top 10 picks from the resort collections to wear right here at home

By Andrea Thatcher on November 1st, 2007


We’ve languished over the fact that we rarely have anywhere resorty to go that would require any sort of resort wardrobe, but now we’re getting over it and making the best. We’ve chosen the top 10 resort pieces to wear right where you live – to work, to parties, out on the town. We’ve even found some pieces that will help you keep cozy in colder climes. I’m sure somewhere a doyenne on the upper east side is rolling her eyes that we would concieve wearing resort fashions anywhere other than Biarritz, but so be it.


We love this Prada bag for anywhere any time of year. The leather tote, available at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores, could double as a carry on if you like to look chic in-flight or on the road, and has just enough structure to pull off at the office. We adore the green, but if we were going to spend $1,495, we’d want it in black.

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