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Gallery: Statement tights and socks for Autumn/Winter

By emilyborrett on August 31st, 2011

Burberry Prorsum

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A double-breasted trench coat in a caper green that hits the spot.

Even though it’s only the end of August, it’s getting colder in the UK and all of my lazy-student instincts are telling me to go and get under the covers and sleep until winter is over.

I have to say, I hate the cold weather, with a passion – I am definitely a summer girl. So one of my little pick-me-ups when summer is over is to start planning new, fashionable ways to wrap up warm, and nothing can update or transform an outfit like a pair of great fashion tights or socks.

Marc Jacobs used a lot of polka dot hosiery in his Autumn/Winter collection, something that the high street has picked up on and copied. For a girlish Minnie Mouse look, team a pastel-coloured midi skirt with Asos’ nude polka-dotted ankle socks with a pair of high heels in the milder months – when it gets colder, go for a pair of polka-dot tights instead.

Another sexy hosiery trend is the sex-siren look that we saw on the fetish-inspired catwalk of Louis Vuitton, where it was all about peekaboo black underwear with tight corsetry, fur and terrifying heels. Asos have an amazing pair of 40s-style seamed stocking with tiny sparkle details on them for a pin-up feel. Just wear them with a leather skirt and a prim blouse and you’ve got a sizzling hot fashion look to go.

Or if you just want to keep your tootsies warm during the evenings, try a cute pair of statement socks – we absolutely adore Urban Outfitter’s lace mohair ankle socks, which are just so pretty and feminine.

Check out the gallery above to see our favourite tights and socks for this Autumn.


Would you wear American Apparel’s bottomless tights? (NSFW)

By Kimberley Foster on May 25th, 2009


Good Lord! What have the broad-minded folks over at American Apparel come up with now? These bottomless tights (or “assless tights” as some are calling them) are just one of the new styles to look out for from the retailer. They are specially designed without a back allowing you to show off your booty, as I’m sure many women would prefer *ahem*. They are still in production, and not available to buy just yet. However, it just begs one question – after Woody Allen sued them and won, are AA so hard up for cash now they can’t even afford whole hosiery?

Would you wear these tights? Vote in our poll after the jump and see them in all their glory (NSFW, naturally)…

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Steve Madden says it’s the right time for tights

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on March 3rd, 2008

Steve Madden tights.jpg

When it comes around to be time for tights next year, there will be another option for customers looking for fun, funky hosiery.

Steve Madden, the trendy shoe designer, will be debuting a range of tights, socks, and leggings in stores in July.

As you can see, the brand has already forayed into the world of leggings as well as a few socks.

It must have been successful since the new range will provide many more choices.

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We love our tights, and they’re not going away anytime soon

By Andrea Thatcher on November 14th, 2007


While traditional, waist-high tights have gone down in popularity, teens who grew up without having to wear pantyhose are now excited about patterned tights and the layering options hosiery provides, and are driving the market. It’s interesting how that now that the “bare legs at all costs” maxim has extended beyond Hollywood and New York, women, not just girls, really are excited about tights and they’ve become a much more prominent aspect of designer collections. And they’re not going away. President and CEO of The Hosiery Association Sally F. Kay, says ’70s and ’80s retro styles will be hot for spring. Color will still be popular but instead of obvious shine we’ll be seeing more subdued, burnished effects like openwork lace, crochet, and basketweave. Nanette Lepore’s plum-colored tights, left, are an example of the dress and tights look that will remain popular in 2008.

[Source: WSAToday]

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