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Seen around L.A. Fashion Week

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on March 13th, 2008


If you can’t get enough of your B and C-list celebs and designers, well then L.A. Fashion Week is for you!

Paris Hilton is pretty much the biggest celebrity sighting you can have in L.A. and her front-row spot at sister Nicky’s fashion show (which we reviewed here)providing prime peeping.

Other actresses included The Hills gang (if acting like you’re human isn’t an accomplishment, what is?), Mena Suvari, Juliette Lewis, Lauren German, Jenna Elfman. And then there were “actresses” of a dirtier sort – Jenna Jameson and Mary Carey.

Rounding out the ecclectic crowd were Lily Collins, Bijou Phillips, Ruby Stewart and Gene Simmons.

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