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The Olympics gets a fashion fix as the help of Zandra Rhodes is enlisted

By Andrea Petrou on March 16th, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Zandra's sketch for the 33-foot puppet which will be unveiled at the 2012 Olympics in London

I have to admit that sports are not my thing. When it was announced that London would be hosting the 2012 Olympics, my first thought was how pointlessly showy and expensive the whole thing will be, and how jam-packed the tubes will be full of tourists. But now the event has piqued my interest, with the news that British fashion veteran Zandra Rhodes is going to be contributing to the celebrations with a 33-foot puppet of Lady Godiva. Yep – that’s right, a giant fashion puppet. That’ll shut up anyone who tries to claim that Brits have no sense of fun.

The lucky Lady Godiva puppet will be decked out in a Medieval-inspired one-of-a-kind dress designed by Zandra Rhodes herself, and made with the helping hands of fashion design students in Coventry, where the legend of Lady Godiva originates from. In the original tale, she rides naked through the city on horseback – so it’ll be probably a nice change to be covered up for once.

The puppet will then be transported from Coventry to the site of the Olympics with a fleet of cyclists. It all sounds a bit mental, but amazing. The Olympics just got a bit more interesting.

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