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Review: Underwear as outwear Coco corset top

By Andrea Petrou on April 8th, 2010

CouCou Nick.jpg

While we’re on the topic of underwear we thought it was about time we gave you a little review.

Underwear as outerwear was a hot trend last season, and while it’s slowly fazing out, it’s not going without a fight, with many people still opting for this look on a night out.
Back in January I was sent an underwear set complete with corset and undies from Wickedelic Lingerie.

Although the top wasn’t meant to be worn outside the house, it’s straps and monochrome design, plus it’s comfort , made me decide that I’d give the outerwear as underwear look a go, after all, if it’s good enough for Miss G, it’s more than good enough for me.

So did anyone bat an eyelid or is this piece of fashion so integrated into our everyday lives that no-one even looks twice? I took my corset on a night out to find out.

Corset’s first drink: Local Bar
My corset’s first visit was a local bar where people were gearing up for a causal night in front of the footie. Although I was wearing jeans I felt very out of place amongst the jumpers and if anyone was going to comment on my “nearly nude” dress sense, I thought it would be here, especially given the tie back. However, when the coat came off no one even looked my way, and I didn’t even get served quickly.

Verdict: Even though I was dressed as a WAG footie fans weren’t interested in my underwear top.

Corset’s second drink: The tube
Thanks to the Mayor of London’s ruling, my corset and I didn’t technically have a drink on the tube, but it was still an outing. Although I don’t usually take my coat off on a tube, research forced me to do so, and although I got a slightly surprised second glance from a woman, my journey wasn’t uncomfortable at all. In fact, as we moved closer to the city my corset began to make friends with the other range of similar tops worn by girl’s getting ready for a big night out.

Verdict: People were as disinterested in my choice of clothing as much as they are when they see a pregnant woman standing up in a packed carriage.

Corset’s last drink: Central London Bar
To be honest I didn’t expect to have any comments here, after all, a Saturday night out is full of girls getting dressed up and having fun. However, on taking my coat off in the queue I got a dubious once over by the bouncer, and when I walked past him to reveal my open back, I was hauled back out and asked for ID leading me to wonder whether wearing slightly revealing clothes suggests your trying to hard. Once inside I could have been wearing a T-shirt, no-one batted an eyelid, and I even got a compliment about my top while queueing for the ladies.

Verdict: Underwear as outerwear has become a huge trend, with many people taking this look as the Saturday night out norm. However, if you want to carry off this look we advise investing in some quality underwear. Going out in that discoloured Marks and Spencer bra will not have the desired affect.

Our lovely underwear set was called Coco and you can buy it here now for £25.

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Fashion News

Marks and Spencer teams up with Collette Dinnigan to bring us gorgeous lingerie

By Andrea Petrou on April 8th, 2010

Marks and Collette.jpg
It’s been a week of lingerie lovelies, in fact it’s a month. Yesterday we bought you the news that Rosie Huntington-Whitely was modelling for Monsoon’s SS2010 underwear range and a few weeks ago Kelly Brook was announced as the new face of Ultimo.

And now it’s Marks & Spencer‘s turn. The highstreet store has once again teamed up with Australian designer Collette Dinnigan, who counts stars such as Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie amongst her fans, to give us a range of cutesy lingerie.

The collection will include on-trend florals, raunchy animal prints, and delicate lace and silk bras and underwear. Prices range from £6 to £35.

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Fashion Face Off, Gallery

Battle of the lingerie models: Kelly Brook VS Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

By Andrea Petrou on April 7th, 2010

It’s been a month of lingerie model sign ups and drops. Two weeks ago Ultimo announced Kelly Brook as the face of it’s main lingerie range before dropping Peaches Geldof as the face of Miss Ultimo following claims of heroin use.

And today Monsoon has launched it’s first campaign shots staring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
We think the Victoria’s Secret angel looks stunning, but is she a better model than Kelly and which campaign really stands out?

Take a look at the gallery below and then let us know by voting.

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Ad campaigns

Kelly Brook models for Ultimo’s SS2010 campaign

By Andrea Petrou on March 29th, 2010
Model Rachel Hunter at the Slim-Fast Fashion Show

Image via Wikipedia

Kelly for Ultimo.jpg

While some celebrities are creating teaser campaigns for charity, Kelly Brook is flashing her undies for Ultimo.

The former page three girl, who is no stranger to underwear modelling having created and modelled her own range for New Look, follows in the footsteps on Peaches Geldof who fronted the brand last season, and Mel B, Helena Christensen, Rachel Hunter, Sarah Harding and Melinda Messenger who have all been previous Ultimo models.

Ultimo creator Michelle Mone OBE told The Daily Mail: “Kelly is a natural beauty and is effortlessly sexy, making her the perfect choice for Ultimo. She epitomises the Ultimo woman and looks incredible in our new designs.”

And Kelly is equally delighted at being the new face of the brand.

“I’m really delighted to be fronting Ultimo’s new campaign. Working with Ultimo and photographer Simon Emmett was great and I think the end results look fantastic,” she said.

“There is something incredibly sensual about Ultimo lingerie; I find that it always makes me feel confident and sexy, knowing I’ve got something beautiful on underneath my clothes.

“Ultimo is one of the UK’s biggest lingerie brands, so I’ve always been aware of their product and high-profile campaigns. They’ve had so many gorgeous women model for them over the years so it was really flattering to be asked by Michelle to take over.”

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Fashion News

Fifi Chachnil lingerie comes to London

By Andrea Petrou on February 16th, 2010


Valentine’s Day may well and truely be over for another year but that doesn’t mean we have to stop treating ourselves and our other halves, especially when it comes to lingerie.

And what better way to start than with French lingerie label Fifi Chachnil.

For the first time ever, the company has taken its lovely lingerie out of Paris and bought it to London’s Knightbridge. And there’s a range of stunning underwear including suspender belts to cute bras and knickers to match any personality

On her move across the pond Fifi said: ‘The London girls are daring in their style of dressing, they don’t hesitate, they have audacity and sense of humour, they are excessive but with delicacy.’

We’ve got our credit and Oyster cards at the ready.

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Lingerie to wow him this Valentine’s Day

By Andrea Petrou on February 12th, 2010

You’ve got the dress, the accessories and shoes to wow your date this Valentine’s Day, but there’s one important thing missing. The lingerie.

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to this, including a cute bra and knicker set to the full suspender and basque look.

Slip under your outfit or save this underwear for when you get back to yours. Whatever way you decide to play it we’re sure he won’t be disappointed.

Click on the picture below to begin the gallery.

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First looks: Sonia Rykiel’s knitwear for H&M video

By Andrea Petrou on January 27th, 2010

We were excited about the first part of Sonia Rykiel’s collection for H&M, which came out last year, and managed to get our hands on enough lingerie to keep us going into 2011.

However we can’t wait for the second part, which focuses on knitwear and is out on the 20 February.

To taunt us that little bit H&M has put together a video , which shows how the collection was made and what we can expect to see on the shelves once we’ve finally pushed our way through to the front.

We’re already in love with the bright stripped jumper dresses and our sleeping bags are waiting patiently by the door.

Celebrity Style, Yay or Nay

Lily Allen wears underwear as outerwear but would you follow the trend?

By Andrea Petrou on January 22nd, 2010

Lily Corsett.jpgWe’ve been banging on about underwear as outerwear for a while now, and we’ll be reviewing a corset set later on next week, after we’ve attempted to wear it as outerwear in a few clubs.

However, we’re still not 100% sure about the trend, which is has previously been sported by the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Britney Spears.

And these new pictures showing Lily Allen performing in a corset top made for underwear haven’t done much to settle our fashion minds.

The pop starlet, who is no stranger to this style, wore a tiny lace-covered corset, teamed with Chanel mock-stockings for a gig in Australia and although she pulls it off better than some celebs we still don’t know what to make of it.

What do you think about this trend? Does it work and would you wear it or do you think undies should remain firmly out of site? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

Fashion News

Women choosing Long Johns over sexy Lingerie during the snow says Debenhams

By Andrea Petrou on January 8th, 2010

Long johns.jpgIt seems some of us may be telling a few porkies when we’re updating our Facebook statuses and telling our friends about the colour bra we’re wearing in aid of Breast Cancer,.

Sales figures for Debenhams have shown that many of us are ditching our frilly lingerie for thermals this week as snow hits Britain and temperatures in some places plummet to -15C.

While long Johns are claimed to have flown off the shelves in record numbers lingerie has dwindled. And we’re also going that one step further at an attempt of keeping warm with sales of faux-fur coats raising by 22 per cent.

Elena Antoniou, a representative for Debenhams, told OK Magazine: “It’s meant to be ‘fur coat and no knickers’, but our sales prove the old adage wrong – this winter it’s about fur coats and thermal knickers!”

Let us know if you’re one of those girls who has chosen to beat the chill with Long Johns by leaving your comments below.

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Sonia Rykiel pour H&M preview

By Andrea Petrou on December 2nd, 2009

If you haven’t already noticed we’ve got a lingerie theme going on today, apart from our Global Cool story, which is quite the opposite but, we’ll sure your agree is for a good cause.

So what better way to round up the theme with a sneak preview and video of Sonia Rykiel’s boudoir-inspired lingerie range for H&M.

We might have just got over the huge Jimmy Choo range for the highstreet store, but, as we all know fashion moves on as quickly as your other half when he spots the huge diamond ring you’re ogling at in the jewellers window.

The launch of this range was held last night at Paris’s Grand Palais for an extravagant show to unveil Sonia Rykiel’s the range. And what a launch it was. The fairytale themed show complete with a glittering Eiffel Tower, ferris wheel, swing set and cut-out trees strung with thousands of fairy lights, also featured Lily Cole, who held the reins of a giant moving horse head.

And it seems when the collection launches on Saturday, there may not be the mayhem we reported and timing complaints many of you told us about during the Jimmy Choo launch.

A spokesman for H&M told Grazia: “The Jimmy Choo launch was different because with accessories and shoes we gave people a specific area to try things on and limited numbers of product they could buy, but because this launch is a line of garments we don’t feel this is necessary, so there are no limits on what you can buy or try on.”

We can’t wait. View the video of last nights launch and click on the picture below for a sneak preview of the collection.

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Peaches Geldof poses in undies for Ultimo while Elen Rives does the same for Tesco

By Andrea Petrou on December 2nd, 2009

Peaches.jpgIt seems we won’t be the only ones wearing matching lingerie this Christmas, with a range of new ad campaigns featuring celebs, hitting the market.

Peaches Geldof who is now the face of Ultimo’s Miss Ultimo line, showed off her fun and funky side posing on a merry-go-round in a range of Christmas lingerie numbers.

We love the playful styling, which includes bright coloured stockings and bows. However we think her daisy chain tattoos may be going a step too far.

Peaches said: “I’m honoured to be chosen to represent a healthy body image – and what better way than with Miss Ultimo’s designs, which are sexy, young and quirky.”

Meanwhile, across the highstreet pond, Tesco has just announced that ex wag Elen Rivas will be doing her first ever lingerie ad campaign for its Diamond Boutique range.

The former fiancée of Chelsea and England footballer Frank Lampard, has kicked off her modelling debut posing in a range of purse friendly lingerie for the Christmas collection, which comes comes in sizes 32A to 38D for bras and 8-18 for briefs and includes fabrics such as silks, satins and lace.

elen-rives- tesco.jpg

Elen said: “Diamond Boutique delivers everything a designer brand should. The designs are elegant, stylish and fit to perfection. What’s more, even if you buy the entire collection you won’t feel guilty as it’s so easy on the pocket. I wear the range every day, whether I’m off to the supermarket or glamming up for a night out.”

Terry Green, CEO of Tesco Clothing, said; “The new Diamond Boutique Christmas collection is incredibly luxurious, but continues our focus on value with prices starting from just £7.00. Elen is a great signing for the brand and proves that budget lingerie can look just as good as expensive designer lingerie.”

The new collection is available from Tesco stores nationwide and online.

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Christmas party outfits and gifts: Lingerie

By Andrea Petrou on December 2nd, 2009

A Christmas outfit, shoes and make-up are all essential for that great party look, but many of us forget is that sometimes it’s whats inside that counts too.

No, we haven’t turned into a self help website, we’re talking about your underwear.

Not only does wearing a matching pair of undies help you feel sexy on the inside, but according to the Daily Star many of us are buying these items as a cheeky Christmas present for our other halves, with high street stores reporting a 16% rise in luxury lingerie sales this year.

“Sexy lingerie is definitely a way of making your cash go further,” the Daily Star quoted an expert as saying.

“It really is the gift that keeps on giving over and over again.”

So there you have it, two great options for the price of one.

However, we have to warn you, those Bridget Jones pants won’t have the desired effect, and, wearing your knickers as outerwear a la Lady Gaga also won’t get you those Christmas party brownie points.

Click on the picture below to begin the gallery.

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Sneak peak of Sonia Rykiel’s H&M collaboration

By Andrea Petrou on October 29th, 2009

Sonia big.jpgWe love H&M, not only does it bring us affordable fashions but has also teamed up with a range of designers over the years to bring us some high end styles without all the hefty price tag. We’ve not stopped thinking about the Jimmy Choo collection, which will arrive in stores next month.

But something that has taken our mind off it slightly is a sneak peak for the highstreet stores collaboration with Sonia Rykiel. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know how excited we were when we announced her lingerie line for H&M last month so imagine what this has done to us.

Apparently the collection will include opaque black bras with flowers on the nipples. And see-through mesh panties with flowers on the bottom. Yes, we know, it’s a bit extreme but it fits the style bill as lingerie-as-outerwear will be the hottest trend next Spring.

Celebrity Style

Tess Daly models La Senza’s festive lingerie collection

By Andrea Petrou on October 27th, 2009

Tess la senza.jpgNot content with her beauty range at Marks and Spencer, Tess Daly is also lending her name to one of our lingerie favourites, La Senza.

The Strictly Come Dancing presenter has modelled a range of lingerie from the stores new collection for the festive season.

The company said Tess’s Steal The Show campaign, which features the 38-year-old in a showgirl setting with top hat and cane, aims to bring together the two sides of every woman – playful and fun, yet glamorous and confident.

Lisa Bond, marketing director for La Senza said: “Tess epitomises everything the La Senza woman wants to be.

“She is gorgeous with a great sense of humour and a fabulous sense of fashion.

“She is also a working mother and we feel our customers will really aspire to the fact that she always looks amazing whilst juggling her family and career.”

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Guest blogger and bra expert Liz “The Bra Lady” Smith tells us how to look sexy in anything

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on February 6th, 2009

Liz Smith headshot 1 small.JPG

So have you figured out what you are going to wear for Valentines Day yet? Before you run to your favorite lingerie department and buy the first red bra and thong set you see … heed these words of wisdom … try before you buy.

Most of us are wearing the wrong size bra; 8 out of 10 of us, to be exact. Getting fit for a bra is oh-so-easy and will make you look and feel fabulous. Whether it is for under your Valentine’s Day outfit or possibly is your entire Valentine’s Day outfit, you will look your best if the girls are lifted and supported.

If your bra looks like a necklace–you know, when your bra rides up your back and the girls head south in front (which is just so wrong)–it will make you look old and tired instead of the gorgeous goddess that you really are.

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