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Manolo Blahnik teams up with Marcia Patmos to create two pairs of sustainable shoes

By Andrea Petrou on October 27th, 2011

Manolo Blahnik has collaborated with Marcia Patmos to create two pairs of sustainable shoes.

This will be the first eco-friendly project for the footwear designer and he has made the two styles – a double strap, open-toe flat and a strappy, high-heeled sandal in combinations of electric blue, black, nude and yellow – entirely from discarded tilapia skins, cork and raffia.

Speaking about working with the legendary shoe maker on the designs, which will retail for $895 per pair, Marcia said: “I am always researching sustainable materials and developments. I love the idea of tilapia skin because it is a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise be discarded, but it’s actually a beautiful material perfect for small leather goods. I love bringing the idea of sustainability into the luxury market – it doesn’t have to be limited to T-shirts and grocery bags.”

Manolo is renowned for his beautiful designs and his are the footwear of choice for US Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who has only worn two styles of shoes for over 10 years – both made by him.

He said: “I am incredibly thankful for Anna’s loyalty and if she chooses to move in another direction, I would also respect that. Betrayed is too strong a word but I’d definitely be hurt.”

Choosing Anna’s shoes is a collaborative process for the designer and the editor and he says it changes depending on her wardrobe.

He explained: “I often talk to Anna about what’s inspiring her that particular season and what she’s ordered for her wardrobe. Anna has fantastic legs, and her feet are always meticulously groomed. We’re always discussing materials and adjusting the heel heights and whether or not straps should be wider or stay the same. In the end, it is always up to Anna.”

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Designers Lutz and Patmos care about consumers’ money woes

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on February 29th, 2008


While most designers are saying to heck with recession and continueing to allow their prices to climb, Tina Lutz and Marcia Patmos seem to actually care about their customers.

“When we met, we were so poor, but we still wanted to be stylish,” Lutz told WWD. “We have lowered Lutz & Patmos’ prices by 30 percent since we started the company. But we wanted to do something more.”

That something more is a new contemporary line of eco-friendly knitwear to be sold exclusively at Barney’s under the label Leroy and Perry. The collection is named after two streets in the West Village where the design duo first struggled for success.

The pair teamed with Barney’s Green to create three sweaters made from organic cotton or yarn from recycled T-shirts and bamboo. Each style will retail for under $300.

The Lutz and Patmos ARP cape cardigan above is $485.


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