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Video: Chaos erupts over bomb scare at ‘America’s Next Top Model’ NY audition

By Kimberley Foster on March 15th, 2009

This is unbelievable! Chaos erupted at the New York auditions for America’s Next Top Model on Saturday. The trouble began when a car overheated and blew smoke, causing someone to cry out “There’s a bomb!” This prompted thousands of model hopefuls to become trampled in a stampede and a fight breaking out amongst the crowd. Two women and a man were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and inciting a riot, and six women required medical attention. Others claimed bad organisation and the inability to leave the queue to go to the toilet and get food was also to blame. The audition was shut down, however neither Tyra Banks or ANTM reps have commented. Click play on video above to watch the chaos unfold.


UPDATE: Gemma Ward not retiring; “I’m only 20, for God’s sake!”

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on August 22nd, 2008

gemmaward_retire2.jpgFans of Gemma Ward can breathe a sigh of relief after rumours of her imminent retirement from the catwalk were put to rest yesterday, by the lady herself:

“I was surprised to wake up this morning and read news of my own retirement. While I am taking some time off currently to rest and enjoy the company of friends and family, I am still very much a (excited and enthusiastic) working model and actress. I’m only 20, for God’s sakes.”

To find out what she has been up to instead, read on…

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Gemma Ward to quit modelling?

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on August 20th, 2008


Will Gemma Ward trade the style scene for the silver screen full time? Catwalk Queen reports that the blog-o-sphere is all in a tizz today with the news that Ward may be retiring from modelling for good (eek!)

With a couple of significant acting roles now on her resume, e.g. The Strangers (with Liv Tyler) and The Black Balloon (with Toni Colette) it comes as little surprise that the young Aussie wishes to pursue the bright lights of Hollywood instead.

It makes sense in some ways, especially if you watch this recent video interview with her, in which she admits that she has wanted to be an actress ever since she was seven.

Video after the jump…

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YouTube watch: a preview of IMG and Vogue’s new model reality show

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on August 11th, 2008

model show.jpg

As Fashionista reminds us, it’s only two weeks until the debut of IMG and Vogue’s reality-tv venture Model. Live on We like the softer, more inspirational feel of the show from this preview. It looks like it will offer a break from the “Fashion! Fierce! Give me more you FABULOUS glamazon!” mood of most fashion reality shows.

Editor’s note: The video was taken down today, but you can still view it here.

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