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A guide to New York style, by someone who hasn’t been there yet

By Lauren Bravo on July 21st, 2013

I’m going to New York! I’m going to New York! Bring on the marching band! Pour me a chocolate malted and put a bagel in my face! But what in the name of Gunther do I wear?

I have never been to New York before. I’ve never been to America, in fact. I’ve only got as close as Canada, which as telly would have you believe is about as close as going to Luton airport and saying you’ve seen Big Ben. So because I’ve been waiting a full quarter century of my life to finally take a bite from the Big Apple (and by ‘apple’ I mean ‘baked goods’, and by ‘big’ I mean, “is that a doughnut or a dinghy? Oh well too late I ate it.”), I’m putting a lot of pressure on my outfit choices.

Of course, all of my New York style fantasies until now involved tailored coats, snow, maybe an enormous fur hat or two – I didn’t imagine I’d be schvitzing my way round the concrete jungle in 30 degree heat. But air con-willing, I’ll still be able to reference some of my favourite New Yorkers from TV and film – and not a Manolo in sight.


The Elaine

Elaine Benes

balck and white Dune brogues

£69 Dune

We will truly know that fashion, like childbirth, erases painful memories to allow for its perpetuation when the 90s revival makes us start wanting to dress like Elaine from Seinfeld.

I’ve already felt the first twinges – fancying a pair of black and white platform brogues, poofing up the front of my hair into curly brown halo, craving a Big Salad despite barely liking small ones – but maybe this holiday is the time to really let rip. I could buy a floral-sprigged skirt and enormo-shouldered suit jacket, or a suede waistcoat to wear with some stonewashed Mom jeans. But I’ll beware the lying mirrors at Barney’s, naturally.



The Working Girl

Working Girl

Primark zebra earrings

£2.50 Primark


I recently watched Working Girl for the first time, and I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. I want to ride the Staten Island ferry across the Hudson with the wind in my perm while Carly Simon sings Let the River Run with a gospel choir. I want to apply purple eyeshadow up to my eyebrows and be best friends with Joan Cusack. And while none of those things are likely to happen, I can at least rock a pair of vaguely terrifying drop earrings like these, £2.50 from Primark.



The Hannah

Hannah Girls HBO

Topshop aztec playsuit

£44 Topshop

As we’re staying in Williamsburg and it’s basically the only show in my arsenal that makes New York look fun in the height of summer, Girls will be my primary reference point. I’m aiming for a strategic blend of 50 per cent Jessa, 20 per cent Hannah, 15 per cent Marnie and 15 per cent Shoshannah (entirely hair doughnuts and croissant purses).

The biggest regret of my chaotic pre-holiday packing process is that I haven’t had time to find a pair of shorteralls like Hannah Horvath’s. After all, nothing says ‘summer in the city’ better than a confident crotch-to-leg fabric ratio, and I never could resist draping myself in a nice portmanteau. Ideally I’d want them to be flimsy cotton in one of those prints that look like flowers, then when you get close-up you realise it’s actually tiny alligators, eating their young – but failing that, this Aztec playsuit by Goldie at Topshop will do the trick nicely.


The Diane

Annie Hall


white shorts Missguided

£21.99 Missguided

Diane as in Keaton, one of the finest actresses ever to grace a pair of wide-legged slacks (see also: Katherine Hepburn). Were I going in cooler climes, I’d be running round London right now trying to find tweedy Oxford bags and a tie to create a look I’d lovingly think of as ‘Annie Hall: the busty years’. But as it is I’ll have to be content with her tennis outfit, crisp white shorts, shirt with turned up collar, topknot, socks. That and hunting out Kate Spade’s La Dee Da bangle on request of my co-editor Daisy.

I’ll also state for the record now, when it comes to hair I will be channelling Meryl Streep in Manhattan for as long as I can… before it all sticks to my neck like a merkin in a steam room.



The Rachel/Phoebe/Monica


Friends season 1

Friends was not a clothes show. It was a hair show. We all know that. Never has a feature on the caffeinated sixsome started with a breathless, “the outfits!” followed by a treatise on Monica’s v-necked t-shirts, and it was probably all the better for it.

BUT, cast your mind way back to the early seasons and there are a few gems to be scavenged. Rachel’s crisp white t-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes; Phoebe’s penchant for crushed velvet smocks; Monica’s leather jackets… ok, no. It was a hair show.  I’ll just shut up now and start packing.


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Fashion Crush Top 5: Five movies you should dress like

By Andrea Petrou on September 8th, 2010

By Emily Borrett

The first person whose style I ever truly loved was Ariel from the Little Mermaid – I wanted her cool shell bikini, despite only being about five – and then a little later on in life the Japanese twins from the Simpsons, Sherri and Terri.  I stand by that still – anyone who thinks it isn’t cool to wear a shell bikini or match their clothes and accessories to their hair colour is wrong. Little television addict that I was when I was a child (apparently I used to come home from school and mournfully wail to my mother that I “hadn’t been watching”), it would be fair to say that film and television has had a hefty influence on my style over the years. And admittedly, some former fashion crushes of mine have not stood the test of time. Two examples of the most cringe-worthy that come to mind were my obsession with Columbia in the Rocky Horror Picture Show many years ago -which lasted far too long and caused me to dress like a fat burlesque dancer – and my Disney Channel phase at the age of about 9, when I really dug Lizzie McGuire’s “neon brights and pedal pushers” look.

Wardrobe horrors aside, there have been some pretty iconic dressers in movie history that I still take a lot of inspiration from when I’m getting dressed in the morning. All of the women listed below look dope. All of their films are super-stylish, and if you haven’t seen them, you should, if not just for the clothes.


Uma Thurman’s character in this movie is like a monochrome queen. White shirt, black capris, milky skin and the sleekest black bob in history (soz, Anna Wintour). Classic styling, classic Chanel colours – she’s like a weird fashion cat that I want to catch and then keep prisoner in my house, so that it can teach me how to dress well and dance like it’s the 50s.

It’s a completely different kind of sexy to the kind that was at the time all over the covers of Vogue, in the form of super-women such as Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. Instead of whipping out her legs or boobs, Mia Wallace draws you in with her hypnotic eyes and the smile of a cat who just got the five-dollar milkshake. And so she should, it’s a good look for her. I’m depressed that my bob will never look like that.


Hey guys, remember when Madonna was really, really, really cool? In the eighties, way before she started to look like Popeye and show off her crotch all the time, Madonna was in a movie called Desperately Seeking Susan, in which she  got to act cool on screen for a couple hours and basically play herself. Except in the film she’s meant to be someone called Susan, not Madonna.

All the biggest fashions in the past couple of years like leather, lace, sheer clothing and chunky gothic jewellery – “Susan” wore it first. She did all the things you (probably) only dream of doing, like hanging out in weird cabaret bars, sleeping with the Mafia and getting arrested for trying to bunk cabs. You know, bad girl stuff. And she got to wear Jimi Hendrix’s jacket while she was at it too. Despite the film’s silly plot and dialogue it’s one of my comfort blanket films – if you’re into eighties and new wave fashion you should probably watch it.


“So what did you do in school today, Cher?” “Well… I broke in my purple clogs.” I love to watch Clueless every few months or so because it’s like a warm bubblebath for my brain. It leaves me feeling girly, bubbleheaded and happy for at least a week afterwards. I like the 90s soundtrack and the amount of brightly-coloured plaid they all wear (both the preppy and the British Heritage trend nailed in one, well done, Dion and Cher).

Cher deserves to be on this list not simply because she was rocking knee high socks and loafers way before the likes of Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe, but for her sheer dedication to fashion. She really fought for her plight – it’s not many girls that have a computer programme to decide their outfits each morning. And it’s certainly not many girls that have the chutzpah to argue with a gun-toting mugger when they think their Aliya dress is in danger of getting dirty.


The movie itself wasn’t the greatest James Bond of all time, and certainly not the most stylish one – that honour should go to one of the sixties ones – but Grace Jones deserves to be on this list because she’s fiercer than a shaved mongoose, and better than any of the big-haired blonde heroines that got to snog James at the end. Also, I don’t want her to beat me up.

I have yet to see someone that can rock Lennon shades, a buzz cut and hooded sportswear quite the way that Miss Jones can. The likes of Lady Gaga, Kelis and Amber Rose haven’t got anything on this woman.


To not put Holly Golightly at number one of this list would be like ignoring a massive, Chanel-clad elephant in the corner of the room. Queen of the up-do, costume jewellery and the trusty little black dress, it’s a style that is still massively referenced nearly fifty years on. You don’t need to look like a film star to dress like Holly Golightly – though it helps – which is the genius of the styling in this film. All you need to get a little of Audrey Hepburn’s style is a sharp black dress and shades, and voila – fashion magic. The beauty of her clothes is in the simplicity.

These are just some of my personal favourites – if you’ve got a cinema fashion favourite that you want to add in the comment box, do it! ShinyStyle wants to know who your fashion crushes are.


Lady Gaga to star in a semi-biographic film

By admin on August 9th, 2010

Could Lady Gaga be entering into the world of movies? If rumours are to be believed then the answer is yes.

According to reports in the News of the World the starlet, who broke records with a huge 13 MTV Video Music Award nominations, has set her sights on a Gaga-centric feature film.

A source told the newspaper that the Lady was planning an epic similar to Michael Jackson’s 1988 long-form music movie Moonwalker and the 2006 film adaptation of Dreamgirls, which starred Lady Gaga’s Telephone partner Beyonce. It also seems this video was her inspiration with a source telling the News of The World that she decided on this while on the set of her epic nine-minute video.

And Miss G doesn’t just want any old director. She’s apparently in talks with X-Men and The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer to ensure the film goes as well as possible.

“GaGa is a real creative genius and is thinking about new possibilities all the time.
“She wants to work with the best people in the business,” a source told the News of the World.


Twilight director says Ashley Greene’s pay dispute could turn nasty

By Andrea Petrou on May 19th, 2010

Thumbnail image for Ashley.JPG

A few weeks ago we reported that there were disputes between Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz and the directors of Twilight were in force over pay and now it seems the row is getting deeper.

Twighlight director Catherine Harwick has waded into the pay dispute over the last two films saying ‘things could turn ugly’ if it is not resolved

Filming for the last two movies have already been delayed as the two stars branded the pay offers as “offensive” and despite alternative offers it seems things aren’t getting better with rumours the the two members of the cast may be replaced.

And it now seems more likely than ever that bosses will have to replace the two actors for final film, Breaking Dawn.

‘It would really break my heart if they were replaced, but it could happen,’ first Twilight director Catherine Hardwick told reporters at last weekend’s Twilight convention in Vancouver.

Oh dear.

What do you think of the scenario? Would you be upset if these two were replaced?

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Sex and The City cast told to keep quiet about SATC2 film

By Andrea Petrou on April 30th, 2010

We’ve all spilled the beans on something we shouldn’t have but imagine having to pay a financial sum for saying things you shouldn’t. Well that’s what’s happening to the girls in Sex and the City.

According to the Daily Mail the crew have had to sign a confidentiality agreement. And anyone found spilling the beans on the long awaited SATC2 film will have to pay up to £1.6 million if details are leaked.

The contractual agreement has apparently been drawn up as it is believed a large part of the first films great success was due the mystery of the storyline, which told what had happened to the main characters since the end of the television series in 2004.

Kim Cattrall has already come close to paying out after being photographed holding the script, with some dialogue visible. “I thought: “You have got to be kidding! This isn’t state secrets, it’s the f****** script for a movie!” It’s crazy. You really have to be careful because I’ve signed my life away to say I won’t tell. It gets to the point where you’re terrified to carry your script around in case someone catches a glimpse of it,” said Cattrall.

Sometimes silence really is golden.

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First Looks

First looks: Sex and The City 2 poster

By Andrea Petrou on April 13th, 2010


Today’s turning into a little bit of a Sex and The City 2 fest.

In our last post we bought you the news that Leona Lewis would be performing the theme song for the new film, out 27 May, and now we’ve managed to get our hands on a new poster for the movie.

The ad features Sarah Jessica Parker (aka Carrie) strutting her stuff in a gorgeous ethnic style silk frock across the desert. We love her theatre style glasses and trademark super high shoes too.

We’re booking our seats as soon as they go on sale.

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First Looks

First looks: Stills from the Sex and The City 2 film

By Andrea Petrou on March 23rd, 2010

We were one of the first to bring you the SATC 2 trailer (if you haven’t seen it click here) and now we’re really pleased to say we’ve managed to get hold of some of the first stills for the film that hits cinemas in May this year.

The pictures, courtesy of New Line Cinema, in association with Home Box Office, in association with Village Roadshow Pictures give us a huge taster of what we can expect to see from the film, and judging by these stills we’re in for a fashion treat.

View the gallery below for our favourite shots.

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Sandra Bullock glows in vintage fabric dress at the 2010 Oscars

By Andrea Petrou on March 7th, 2010

Sandra Bullock.jpg

We were really excited to see what Sandra Bullock would be wearing at this year’s Oscars. After all the starlet, who has been nominated for best actress for her role in the Blind Side, always makes a statement (although not in a good way.)
However, this year she quite literally blew us away with her vintage fabric Paquin beaded frock.

We think it’s also a perfect way to ensure no-one else turns up wearing the same dress (hands up who’s had that problem before).

And it seems Ms Bullock is also a woman after own hearts, claiming she completely chilled out all day today.

“I read, ate some berries and relaxed,” she said.

We also have to applaud her on her stunning make-up, especially the pink lips, which went away from this season’s bright red but gave a nod to the upcoming spring looks.

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Oscar Fashions through the eras: 1960s to 1980s

By Andrea Petrou on March 5th, 2010

As the eras continued, the glitz and the glamour of the Oscars still remained. There was more sparkle, higher heels and lower cleavages.

Some actresses were also that little bit more daring, opting for never been heard of before trouser suits.

However one thing the 60s-80s bought us were amazing stars, such as Bridget Fonda, who began winning Oscar awards in 1970, and Meryl Streep, who still continues to pick up these awards.

Click on the picture below to begin the gallery.

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Celebrity Style

Get the look: Mena Suvari’s Oscar 2010 pre-party dress

By Andrea Petrou on March 5th, 2010
3rd Annual Women In Film Pre-Oscar Party - Arrivals

The Oscar pre-parties are in full swing as celebrities don their pre Oscar dresses and hit the red carpet.

Yesterday we spotted Jessica Alba looking hot in pale pink, and it seems this may be becoming the trend for these parties.

American Beauty star Mena Suvari arrived at the 3rd Annual Women In Film Pre-Oscar Party at a private residence in Bel Air last night in a satin tunic empire dress with chiffon ruffle detailing. She also took a tip out of Amy Winehouse’s beauty book opting for a small behive.

Get Mena’s look with this tunic dress complete with ruffles from Dorothy Perkins, we think for £35 its a style steal. Team up with silver sandals for the ultimate Oscar Party look.

Thumbnail image for Pink waterfall tunic £35 Dorothy Perkins

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