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ANTM: Shanghai Go See

By Andrea Thatcher on November 29th, 2007

Wow, I am truly shocked! I really thought the judges were going to vote Jenah off, not Heather. They kept talking about her personality and how she might offend designers and photographers. But it all came down to the fact that Heather couldn’t get the job done. It’s a shame, I’m not sure if her not being able to find the designers’ places was due to her Asperger’s or not, but she does need to be able to do more than take a good picture to be America’s Next Top Model. But hopefully this experience will help build her confidence and I think in time she’ll be a good model. Go to the jump for more on this week’s ANTM.

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America’s Next Top Model: model makeover!

By Andrea Thatcher on October 11th, 2007

ANTM_3.JPGSorry this is so late, everyone! But this was a great episode! The girls all received major makeovers–they even shaved all of Bianca’s hair off! Ms. J originally wanted to dye her hair blonde, but Bianca’s hair was too damaged, it would’ve all just fallen off anyway. So they shaved her head, while tears streamed down her face, and then gave her a blonde wig. Tyra and the judges all thought Bianca looked much better without her hair, and I have to agree–she looks so much more elegant and beautiful now. The aspiring models then had a photo shoot where they posed as types of flowers and plants with their new looks. A lot of the girls had trouble with this shoot, especially poor Chantal who was posing as baby’s breath, which should have been easy. But Jay Manuel and the photographer kept saying completely different things as to how they wanted her to pose, and she got so frustrated that she couldn’t produce a good shoot.

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ANTM: photo shoot on the rock(s)…wall, that is

By Andrea Thatcher on October 4th, 2007

America’s Next Top Model on the CW (or ANTM) gets crazy for fashion this week. Bianca talked down to Heather about having Aspergers, which was totally not cool. But Heather got a makeover and some acceptance from the other girls (finally). At the ‘Fashion Madhouse,’ a mental institution-looking place, Miss J helped the girls with correct runway walking…in straightjackets. Hmmm, tough love? But it was to help them learn how to walk in constricting dresses, such as the ones they modeled for Colleen Quen’s runway show. Saleisha won the runway challenge and off she’ll fly to gay Paree to be a model in Colleen’s debut of her new collection. More on the show after the jump.

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Vote for your favorite or upload your own photo for Supreme’s online model search

By Andrea Thatcher on September 20th, 2007

Wanna be on top? (Na-na na na na-na). Sorry, we couldn’t resist. If the premiere of America’s Next Top Model last night had you thinking “I could do that!” then here’s your chance. Supreme Management and V Magazine are inviting girls over 13 and 5’7″ (God help those girls that are under 13 and 5’7″!) to upload their photos to the contest site and try their luck and looks at a three year modelling contract among other prizes. If you’re more of a voyeur, you can vote for your favorite here. It’s much more fulfilling than screaming at Tyra and Ms. J–who we saw in Bryant Park, donchaknow.

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