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Yanuk Denim is comin’ back!

By Elaine LaPersonerie on September 25th, 2007

Yanuk Denim was really popular about seven or so years ago. But then it disappeared. I’m sure the growth of the denim market had something to do with it. In a matter of a year we were deciding between Seven, Citizens, Rock & Republic, Antik Denim, Joe’s, Paper, Chip & Pepper, James, etc, etc. But now, Yanuk is back and based on their old popularity, I bet they’ll do well. Apparel maker Blue Holdings, the same company who makes Antik Denim, Taverniti and Faith Connexion has now added Yanuk to their list of brands. The new collection was introduced last week at the Coterie trade show in NY and rumor has it, it went well. I guess this spring, we can add another pair of jeans to the pile. These, however, are old faithfuls.

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