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ShinyStyle Gallery: Give it, Get it, Wear it for Valentine’s Day

By Andrea Thatcher on February 5th, 2009

If you’re boycotting Valentine’s Day or would rather wear a slinky black dress than indulge in the cutesier connotations of the holiday, then this list isn’t for you. Perhaps you would enjoy this gallery of Valentine’s Day lingerie instead? This list is all about wearing pink and red on that mushiest of mushy gushy days when we celebrate love, and like, and candy and hearts.

So dive right in for dresses and accessories to let the world know you’re in love – with that special someone or just your rockin’ new outfit.

Click the image below to start the gallery.

[Kova&T one-shouldered dress; Yoana Baraschi ruffle dress; L-R Katherine Kwei and Alpinestars clutches; Dana-Maxx dress with bow]

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Cute and practical laptop bag from SupremeLoveStory

By Andrea Thatcher on October 18th, 2007

Everyone’s always looking for a stylish, yet practical laptop bag, and we’ve found another one for you! If you love all things cute, kitch, and pink–you’ll love this bag. (It also comes in black, brown, and tan if you’re more boring–oops I mean professional.) The $165-$175 (depending on size) bags are made from animal-friendly materials, come with a matching clutch and mirror, a removable laptop sleeve, and lots of pockets. Creative Director Shannon South has been designing accessories for more than 10 years and has really perfected this design–and it shows since it’s their hottest seller.