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Mary Portas asked by the government to breathe life into high street stores

By Andrea Petrou on May 17th, 2011

Highstreet fix it queen Mary Portas has been summoned by the Government.
Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg want her to lead an independent review into the future of the High Street looking at how they can promote the development of local shopping areas and get retailers into those closed down buildings.

Nick Clegg said: “Empty High Streets are a blight on the local economy. Vacant shops are also a wasted opportunity with far reaching consequences. When goods and services start to disappear our sense of community can be weakened and undermined. It is vital therefore that we examine what steps can be taken to revitalise and reinvigorate high street shopping centres across the country.”

Local high streets have suffered over the years, with big brands shunning these small spaces for out of town shopping centres, which attract more people because of free parking offerings.
The internet has also played a big part in the decline of the high street with many of us flocking online to order that dress or pair of jeans without having to move. That said, if you’re like me, you’ll know that nothing beats trying those togs on.

Have you shunned the high street in favour of bigger shopping centres or do you prefer the internet? Leave your comments below or vote to let us know.

Why do you shun the highstreet?
Better and free parking in out of town shopping centres
Better choice in out of town shopping centres
I like the ease of the internet free polls


Would you wear American Apparel’s bottomless tights? (NSFW)

By Kimberley Foster on May 25th, 2009


Good Lord! What have the broad-minded folks over at American Apparel come up with now? These bottomless tights (or “assless tights” as some are calling them) are just one of the new styles to look out for from the retailer. They are specially designed without a back allowing you to show off your booty, as I’m sure many women would prefer *ahem*. They are still in production, and not available to buy just yet. However, it just begs one question – after Woody Allen sued them and won, are AA so hard up for cash now they can’t even afford whole hosiery?

Would you wear these tights? Vote in our poll after the jump and see them in all their glory (NSFW, naturally)…

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