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Gallery: The rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan

By Shiny writer on July 21st, 2010

It’s not been a good few years for Lindsay Lohan.
The troubled star has been in and out of the headlines for the last four years ranging from a range of incidents including her troubled romance with DJ Sam Ronson, a failed attempt at designing for Ungaro and of course drink and drug offences. Despite going into rehab for the latter and having to wear a scram belt on her ankle, the star didn’t learn and her constant drug use has led to a 90 day prison sentence.

However, Lilo hasn’t always been a wild child. In 1998 the starlet looked young and innocent when she starred in the Parent Trap. Her film success followed until 2004 where she won an MTV award for her role in Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis and then rose to fame in Mean Girls. However, the good girl image didn’t stay.

Firstly she hit the headlines when she dated Hilary Duff’s ex Aaron Carter, causing a public feud. She later turned to drink and drugs, which became her downfall. We’ve put together a gallery of the star’s rise to success before her crash.

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