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Introducing our Shiny Man! Owen Jones reviews skincare solutions for boys

By Daisy Buchanan on July 9th, 2013

At Shiny, we have an equal opportunities, open to all comers, love, peace and Kerastase approach to beauty. We’re mostly women, the industry is mostly geared at women, but this is changing. There are more products for men than ever, and more men than ever who want to use those products, so it is with great pleasure that we introduce Owen Jones, a writer who is Shiny of spirit but dewily matte of face thanks to the regime he is about to discuss. 

Having the complexion of a puberty-ridden teenager when you’re twentysomething and attempting adulthood is a right kick in the kisser. It’s a curse that comes with none of the saving graces of adolescence. Back then, at least my spots were soothed by The Strokes still being a bastion of brilliance. I could even gleefully don my Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles backpack without folk thinking I’d thieved it from a whippersnapper. But now I’m supposed to be a grownup; The Strokes have got shoddy, my Turtles bag condemned to holdall heaven, and pizza-face simply will not do. 

Heroes in a half shell.

Heroes in a half shell.


Over the years, my hunt for a facial fix has seen me ransack Boots, try doctor-prescribed roll-on gunk, and even slather my mug with Aquafresh, but the only concoction to settle my raging skin has been a tag-team of products crafted by MD Formulations.

A small splodge of MD’s Facial Cleanser morning and night foams up to soften and smoothe your whole grateful face as it gently melts away the daily grime, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Their Skin Perfection Gel is the real zit-zapper extraordinaire. Dab it on any blemishes after you’ve dried your chops, skip to bed and then high-five the mirror in the morning with glee. It’ll have already begun to clarify those pesky problem areas like a boss, and you might even (whisper it) enjoy the aftermath of exfoliation – heaven forfend. Within a week you’ll have to stop playing join the dots on your noggin because beyond just clearing up, this stuff will stop any further breakouts too. It’s magic on a Paul Daniels scale. 

 Admittedly I still dress like a wayward urchin and my hair’s forever mourning the death of emo, but at least with these acne-pulverising saviours it won’t be pimples making me look like an eternal work experience kid.

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Jessica Alba uses sunscreen everyday to keep her skin glowing

By Andrea Petrou on June 30th, 2011

Jessica Alba uses sunscreen everyday to keep her skin glowing.

The stunning actress – who is currently pregnant with her second child – says her beauty routine is very simple but it has always worked for her.

She told “My mother always told me to wash my face every night, wear sunscreen during the day and drink plenty of water. It’s simple but I like to think that it works for me.

“I like sunscreen that’s not too heavy so I use my daughter’s California Baby.”

Another family trick Jessica swears by is to use her lipstick on her cheeks, saying: “Before there was cream blush, my grandmother would apply lipstick on her lips, cheeks and eyes. I still do that today.”

Jessica has previously revealed her mother used to practice her make-up applying skills on her because she was training to be a beautician.

Jessica said: “She was going to cosmetology school and she needed a model to practice on! It was for the swim team picture – full on winged eyeliner, the works.”

The 30-year-old beauty has also admitted she can put her look together in five minutes after learning to adjust her regime since becoming a mother three years ago.

She said: “My beauty regime has changed so much since becoming a mother.

“I’ve learnt to multitask and throw my look together in five minutes. I love make-up that I can apply with my finger tips, as it saves time.”

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Angelina Jolie rarely brushes her hair

By Andrea Petrou on June 6th, 2011

Angelina Jolie rarely brushes her hair.

The ‘Kung Fu Panda 2′ actress – who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt – is regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, but insists she keeps her efforts to look good to a minimum.

She said: “I my life, I hardly brush my hair very often.

“I try to be as low-maintenance as possible because of my kids, so I can just get up and get ready and do things and not take too much time.”

In keeping her with her no-fuss beauty regime, it was previously claimed that Angelina keeps her lips in good condition by using Shea Terra’s Menthe Orange Organic Shea Lip Butter, which costs just $4.

The lip balm boasts a variety of unusual products including raw golden beeswax from Uganda, virgin coconut cream oil, African potato, Namibian tsamma melon seed oil, rooibos, chamomile flowers and wild Namibian plum oil.

A source previously said: “Angelina stockpiles the lip butter to preserve her to-die-for pout. She likes it because it also helps to freshen your breath and Angelina hates chewing gum.”

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