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10 Features Of The Best Riding Boots

By shinychris on March 16th, 2012

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Buyers wear tall riding boots at riding, at chores around the yard or just for purposes related to urban fashion. The more traditionally looking such multipurpose heavy-duty footwear is made from leather, whereas the modern, fresh looking boots are made from neoprene and rubber.  But the perfect long boots are always comfortable, durable and stylish, no matter of the materials they are manufactured from.

The distinctive, taller upper that all these boots feature has been specially designed to enable riders to cross dusty or muddy terrains or thorny  bushes, with the lower part of your leg being perfectly safe in all seasons. Tall riding footwear is a safe solution for hunters, too. Quality riding boots also offer flexibility with their uppers, because flexibility of your feet is as important as their protection when riding.

Specially treated leather is employed with the classical variant uppers, featuring a hydro guard membrane which turns the footwear completely waterproof.  Back zippers have now replaced the back lacing of older times. The modern variants of riding footwear display sealing uppers that are made from neoprene. A waterproof barrier between your foot and the outside is created to seal the boot, when employing a high quality upper solution.

Riding footwear needs a great balance between the safety and the comfort of your feet while you are in the saddle. An arched molded foot bed with a gel pad is the usual solution with the leather-made variants. Despite their lighter look, neoprene boots usually come with reinforced toes and steel shanks to keep your feet safe. In the traditional variant it is thick leather, and in the modern variant it is thick rubber, that reinforces the areas where you get in contact with your horse when riding. If you are looking for a greater balance in the saddle and a better stirrup when you ride, then models with a deeper heel will offer you that.

In the saddle or on the ground, such footwear will offer you stability. The thick rubber or PU soles that both leather-made and neoprene riding footwear use, are tough but lightweight and display appropriate patterning. This way, you will never fall, slip or trip while wearing quality riding boots. Also, your feet will never feel tired after long rides, as these boots have been designed for long hours of service. Your feet will always feel cool and fresh, as all quality riding boots incorporate a solution to supply a slight flow of air around the inside, alongside insulation.

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Bargain Pick of the Week: Merona Kathy riding boots

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on November 6th, 2008

Bargain pick of the week - Target boot.jpg

I know we’re all about the Target news today, but here’s something you can actually buy now.

The Kathy riding boot, $36.99, has been at Target for awhile (I think), but last night I tried them on and finally found a zip-up riding boot that goes over my muscular calves. I wanted to cry.

I also learned that stretching your leg out in front of you to zip up your boots is the shoe equivalent of laying down to zip up your jeans. I’m currently wearing the boots around the house to stretch them out a bit more, but my 2-year search is over. YAY.

[By Eleni Tavantzis]

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