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Why Kate Middleton’s style isn’t all that

By Andrea Petrou on April 6th, 2011

I’m sure I’m committing some sort of Royal treason, or at least having that wedding invite, which should be winging its way to me very soon, revoked, but I have to tell you I have a huge issue with Kate Middleton’s style.

She may have stolen the Prince’s heart but are those fashion columns really worth it? Is her style so great that we’re willing to sell our teeth for it? In my opinion, the answer is a plus sized no.

Yes, she’s shown that royal style doesn’t have to cost the earth, appearing in a range of high class highstreet frocks for her engagement (the blue Issa dress) and that white last season Reiss dress, but has anyone else noticed that since this solidarity for bargain fashion her style has become, well increasingly, er dull.

Gone are the short middle of the thigh lengths and funky floral prints, which you would expect a mid 20 year old to wear, and in come the plain colours, tweed fabrics and longer lengths. Yep just as she’s extended her name – we all apparently have to call her Katherine now – her hemlines have also seen a little more growth.

In fact Kate better watch out, with fashion like this, she may be finding her wardrobe is being raided by the Queen.

However, it would be unfair to put all the blame of Kate here. Judging by her past style we’re sure the elders at Buckingham Palace have decided to interfere a little and place her in the fashion cubby hole we’re currently seeing. And Kate’s probably just doing what every newcomer into the Royal family has done in the past and tried to fit in.

In fact the blame probably lies with us, the media, and the public who have put her onto a fashion pedestal. The fact that we’re all running riot to get our hands on the new style “The Middleton” – a hemline that sits demurely just above the knee – should really say it all.

Since when have any of us decided that on a night out, or in the summer months, a length that sits just above the knee is better than shorts, or a little summer mini skirt? I’m sure if this length was channelled a few seasons ago, it would have ended up in the bargain basement bins and in the 75 percent off sale rails, but now we’re tearing up those highstreet stores looking for these and beating down anyone who gets in our way, just so we can say we have a “Middleton”.

Will we wear it? Yes, probably proudly to the pub until someone not au fait with Middleton mania points out that the “old man’s pub” is down the road. Then we’ll pack it lovingly away into the back of our wardrobes and perhaps pull it out all moth eaten when someone bemoans the fact that they missed out on the look.

So who is Kate or Kate’s “stylists” basing this look on, apart from the Queen of course.

Some may say her style mirrors that of the late Princess Diana, and to extent, the classic shapes she opts for do. However, and you have to remember that Diana was an 80s girl, the late princess didn’t conform to that classic style. Instead she stuck a fashion finger up with her own style of shoulder pads, ruffles and sparkles.

Maybe then we should look to princess Zara for the answer, a fan of the classic look. But come on do we really want classic?

We and the fashion industry have been trying to steer away from classic for years, as have designers. Take “classic” British Brand Burberry. Known for its quintessential beiges and of course the trench coat the brand has quickly moved on offering snake prints, aviator jackets and mini dresses.

So where does this leave Kate in the fashion world? Will she take a style stand once she’s finally got a ring on her finger or will she carry on to conform to the Royal’s fashion way of thinking? And will the industry and public continue to worship the preppy, boring look she’s sporting?

I can’t answer the first, but as we all know fashion is fickle and princess or not Kate won’t be holding those column inches with her safe style. In fact I’d go as far to say that her fashion status will disappear as quickly as her hubby to be’s hairline if her long hemlines continue.

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Kate Middleton’s not so fashionable March

By Andrea Petrou on March 29th, 2011

Kate's see-through dress sold at auction

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Get the look: Kate Middleton’s see-through dress

By Andrea Petrou on March 21st, 2011

Kate Middleton

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Kate's seethrough dress raised a huge £78,000.

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Kate Middleton’s sheer frock cost only £30 to make

By Andrea Petrou on November 25th, 2010

We’ve all seen the see through frock that many claim made Prince William fall for Kate Middleton. All those years ago – eight to be precise -we assumed the frock was a designer lovely that we could drawl over but never afford.

However, according to reports, the sheer strapless slip that the princess-to-be modelled at a St Andrews University student fashion actually only cost £30.

We wish we’d known that at the time and we would have fought tooth and nail to bag ourselves one of these, and a prince too, because Will’s was memorised by Kate. Sitting in the front row, he told friends: “Kate’s hot.” And it wasn’t long before they were a couple.

Former fashion student Charlotte Todd, who made the frock has already turned down an offer of £1000 for it but experts say the royal connection could make it worth £100,000.

Charlotte said: “The dress is part of fashion history – the moment William could first have fallen in love with Kate – and that makes me really proud.”

She’s the Royal’s very own fashion cupid.

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Fashion Blunder: Nicole Kidman at the Aria Awards

By Andrea Thatcher on October 31st, 2007

Nicole%20Kidman_aria%20awards.jpgPoor Nicole! Supporting her husband at the Aria Awards in Sidney, Australia on Sunday, Nicole Kidman looked radiant in a black 3/4-sleeve dress. But what she didn’t realize was that in the bright sunlight, it was completely see-through! The Aussie actress received a boisterous reception by the crowd when she first arrived with Keith Urban, but realizing the real reason for the cheers–they could see right through to her black bra and thong–her publicist rushed over with her coat. But like a true classy starlet, she and her husband found the humor in the situation and burst into giggles together. Later that evening, Keith dedicated his award for Best Country Album to Nicole as his inspiration.

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