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The new full-length Sex and the City trailer!

By Andrea Thatcher on February 22nd, 2008

The new full-length trailer for the upcoming Sex and the City movie answers many of the questions raised by the plethora of pictures that hit the Web during filming (and, hello, tells us Big’s name!). But it raises even more! What happens with Big? Does Carrie really end her story single? Where can we get the girls’ glamazon bathing suits for this summer? Watch and wonder.

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Sex and the City blog

By Andrea Thatcher on January 4th, 2008


If you can’t get enough Sex and the City news, there’s now an official SATC movie blog. If you mostly get your celebrity fashion fix on the net, then you’ll probably be in luck because the site seems to feature a lot of print articles. On the other hand, because it is rehashing of print news, it’s usually already been all over the blogs.

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Cosabella to design Sex and the City lingerie

By Andrea Thatcher on December 10th, 2007


When we read that Cosabella had made a deal with HBO to create a line of lingerie with the Sex and the City label, all we could think of was that pink contraption Samantha bought and Carrie copycatted to try to heat things up with Berger. Then she was too drunk to properly, um, display the garment when the moment came. When you think about it, Sex and the City really did have a lot of major lingerie moments – from Charlotte trying to inspire Trey to Carrie’s runway stumble in Dolce and Gabbana, left. We’re hoping the Cosabella line falls somewhere between Samantha’s lingerie drawer and a collection of black cotton underwear with Sex and the City stamped on them. But we think we can trust Cosabella to come up with more than your standard licensed fashion.

[Source: WWD; Image: HBO]

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The first Sex and the City trailer is out!

By Andrea Thatcher on December 7th, 2007


It’s just a teaser, but we’ve finally got our first peek (in moving pictures) at the Sex and the City movie trailer. They’re giving away the possible wedding, or at least the fact that Carrie wears a wedding dress at some point in the movie, probably because it’s already been all over the Web in photos. There’s some fabulous shots of the four women, and some sweeping vistas of the city, and of course fashion – everything we want from our SATC.

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Bargain Pick of the Week: Patricia Field for Payless Tempura platform sandal

By Andrea Thatcher on December 6th, 2007


Sometime during her Sex and the City costume designer years, Patricial Field’s name became forever linked with Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo in the footwear category. And now you can get her high-fashion, Emmy-award winning, Sarah Jessica Parker-approved style at Payless – who would have predicted? Our bargain pick of the week is her Tempura platform, $40, actually the only pump in her limited edition holiday collection. There’s also a chic boot and a clutch, but we feel the platform is the most Patricia.

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Patricia Field hosts Barbie dream party for launch of new Barbie line

By Andrea Thatcher on November 15th, 2007

At her shop at 302 Bowery in Manhattan Tuesday night, designer Patricia Field celebrated the launch of her new Barbie-inspired adult clothing and accessories lines with Mattel Brands amidst a Barbie Dream House party theme. The bartenders were Ken doll-like men and the hors d’ houvres, a delectable selection of sweet, pink delights. Field’s collection is mostly targeting teens of the Baby Boomers, and will be available in stores in December. Hot Topic will carry t-shirts and accessories for around $4 to $45. Macy’s will be carrying the Barbie Luxe line exclusively, which will range from $58 to $200. To promote this special line, Field will be making an appearance at the Herald Square Macy’s December 6th. And of course, a sassy, red-haired Patricia Field Barbie doll will be premiering fall 2008.

[Source: WWD]
[Images: Getty]

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Sex and the City author ‘betrayed’ by her former HBO producer

By Andrea Thatcher on October 23rd, 2007

Candace Bushnell (above), author of Sex and the City had just received word that her recent novel, Lipstick Jungle, was picked up by NBC for a television pilot, when she also soon learned that her old friend and producer of “Sex and the City” on HBO, Darren Star, is making a similarly themed show for ABC called “Cashmere Mafia.” Star had originally bid for television rights to “Lipstick Jungle,” but was outbid by NBC by about $300,000. And soon after put a plan in the works for a similar show. Bushnell’s friends say that she felt betrayed by Star, and after years of friendship, their relationship has now turned cold. “Cashmere Mafia” will premiere on November 27th, but you’ll have to wait until early next year for “Lipstick Jungle.” Both shows are about a small group of high-powered, fashionable women who are trying to balance their careers with their personal lives.

[New York Times]

[image: Getty]

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“Sex and the City” set photos reveal spoilers

By Andrea Thatcher on October 3rd, 2007

It is really great to see these girls back on the streets of New York! The fashion, powerful women, the love of the city … it all combines to make “Sex and the City” a true original and a snapshot of an era. So we’re super excited about the upcoming movie (read: the wardrobe for the upcoming movie). But what’s up with the crazy number of photos on the internet revealing major plot spoilers and basically telling us the whole story through the ensembles? I have a feeling that by the end of shooting we’ll know the whole story, have dissected all the clothes, and won’t have anything left to go to the theater for. If you’re trying to keep from being spoiled, good luck. We’ll do our best by keeping any spoilerific images after the jump. Click through to read and see more.

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The “Sex and the City” girls are back!

By Andrea Thatcher on September 24th, 2007

Ever since “Sex and the City” went off the air a few years ago, something has been missing in the lives of many single and fabulous glamor girls in Manhattan and across the country. To all of those who have felt the loss, rejoice, because Sex and the City the movie is finally being filmed! Carrie, Big, and the girls are back to their cosmo sipping, shoe shopping, hot-spot partying ways.

[Image: Getty]

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How to quell your “Sex and the City” cravings until the film is released

By Andrea Thatcher on September 7th, 2007

While we wait for more news of the Sex and the City film (supposedly set to start shooting in New York very, very soon with the full cast back in high-heeled action), supplement your thirst for more outrageous outfits on Carrie and Samantha with Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field’s own Web site. On her site, Field’s blogs, sells clothing and highlights items that fit into one of six categories: Sexpot Style, Rock and Roll, Ghetto Fabulous, Fun & Flirty, Evening Glam, and Downtown Daylook. My favorite piece from her picks was the Judy Rosen Shorts Jumper (US$264), a Ghetto Fabulous look.

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