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Manolo Blahnik teams up with Marcia Patmos to create two pairs of sustainable shoes

By Andrea Petrou on October 27th, 2011

Manolo Blahnik has collaborated with Marcia Patmos to create two pairs of sustainable shoes.

This will be the first eco-friendly project for the footwear designer and he has made the two styles – a double strap, open-toe flat and a strappy, high-heeled sandal in combinations of electric blue, black, nude and yellow – entirely from discarded tilapia skins, cork and raffia.

Speaking about working with the legendary shoe maker on the designs, which will retail for $895 per pair, Marcia said: “I am always researching sustainable materials and developments. I love the idea of tilapia skin because it is a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise be discarded, but it’s actually a beautiful material perfect for small leather goods. I love bringing the idea of sustainability into the luxury market – it doesn’t have to be limited to T-shirts and grocery bags.”

Manolo is renowned for his beautiful designs and his are the footwear of choice for US Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who has only worn two styles of shoes for over 10 years – both made by him.

He said: “I am incredibly thankful for Anna’s loyalty and if she chooses to move in another direction, I would also respect that. Betrayed is too strong a word but I’d definitely be hurt.”

Choosing Anna’s shoes is a collaborative process for the designer and the editor and he says it changes depending on her wardrobe.

He explained: “I often talk to Anna about what’s inspiring her that particular season and what she’s ordered for her wardrobe. Anna has fantastic legs, and her feet are always meticulously groomed. We’re always discussing materials and adjusting the heel heights and whether or not straps should be wider or stay the same. In the end, it is always up to Anna.”


Christian Louboutin says women wear heels for “seduction”

By Andrea Petrou on October 18th, 2011

Christian Louboutin believes women wear high heels because they are empowering.

The shoe designer – renowned for his use of a bright red under-sole on all of his footwear – says men and women have different attitudes to shoes, with the female sex wearing heels for “seduction” purposes.

He explained to the Sunday Times newspaper: “There is an element of seduction in shoes that doesn’t exist for men. Think about Marlene Dietrich crossing her legs – the whole attitude. The language starts with the shoe and radiates over the whole body. A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes. Shoes for men are about elegance or wealth; they are not playing with the inner character.

“That’s why women are happy to wear painful shoes. For some a little discomfort is balanced by something else, which has to do with desire. You feel yourself, empower yourself, know yourself. You are aware of your body. This little act of discomfort pays off in lots of other ways.”

Christian has previously revealed he measures how good his shoes are by what they look like on a naked woman.

He said: “The ultimate must still look good when a woman is naked. The design that encapsulates my career is the Pigalle, a low-cut, high-heeled pump. It’s so subtle in that it adds something sexy to the body, but you don’t immediately know that it’s the shoe that is making the difference.”

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Cheryl Cole’s shoe design partnership with is her dream come true

By Andrea Petrou on October 11th, 2011

Cheryl Cole’s shoe collection is a “dream come true” for her.

The ‘Parachute’ singer has collaborated with and is said to have been involved with every aspect of the design including the colour schemes, fabrics and style.

She said in a video promoting the range: “I have not felt this excited in a long time. I’ve been dreaming about shoes, millions of them but I wanted the initial six to eight pairs to be everything I’ve ever dreamed of.”

The singer’s designs will be available from December, and although details are being kept under wraps, it is thought she has designs including leopard print and polka dot, and that they collection will straddle the line between practical and glamorous

She added: “I like glamour, but I’m aware not everyone wants to wear a high heel all the time.

“I haven’t gone too far down the glamour line.”

The websites creative officer, Juliet Warkentin, said they are “thrilled” to get to work with such an in demand person as the Girls Aloud singer.

She said: “Cheryl is the style icon and is amazingly warm, a quality that has made her the nation’s favourite.

“We believe that the launch will have a huge fashion impact; establishing fashion’s greatest influencer as a major force in fashion design and further democratising fashion.”

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Hailee Steinfeld says being named as the face of Miu Miu was “really huge”

By Andrea Petrou on October 11th, 2011

Hailee Steinfeld says being named as the face of Miu Miu was “really huge”.

The ‘True Grit’ actress – who was recruited by the Italian fashion house in May at the age of just 14 – explained while fronting a campaign for the label is “an honour”, she had only just started to learn about fashion when she took on the role.

She said: “Just going from about a year-and-a-half ago, when I was doing the press for ‘True Grit’ and the awards circuit and learning about the different designers and getting to wear them, and having Miu Miu be one of my favourites – then having something the campaign come along was really huge for me.

“It’s been an honour. It has been so much fun. I have had such a blast getting to know everyone that works with the brand.”

Hailee admitted she is enjoying working in the industry so much that she is even considering a career in the future as a fashion blogger.

She added in an interview with “Fashion has become a big part of my life. I’d like to start blogging about something to do with fashion and then I’d go into a bajillion different things. But yeah, fashion seems like a really great thing to write about.”

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Cheryl Cole has designed her own shoe line

By emilyborrett on September 15th, 2011

Cheryl Cole has made her first dainty steps into the world of fashion design, as she’s just designed her first ever shoe collection.

Cheryl, everyone’s favourite Geordie lass, is collaborating with the fashion site to create her new line of limited edition shoes – and it’ll go on sale in December. We’re usually sceptical about celebrities attempting fashion design but we might leave a space on our Christmas lists, just in case..

StylistPick’s creative officer Juliet Warkentin said: “We are thrilled to be working with Cheryl. Cheryl is the style icon and is amazingly warm, a quality that has made her the nation’s favourite. We believe that the launch will have a huge fashion impact; establishing fashion’s greatest influencer as a major force in fashion design and further democratising fashion.”

Lovely little Cheryl has remembered that her fans aren’t as rich as she is and made the collection affordable as well as glam, having overseen the entire design process herself “from concept to design and packaging”.

Girls, it’s time to start learning how to totter in our heels like Cheryl. ARE YOU READY?

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The Olsen twins are becoming creative directors at Superga

By emilyborrett on September 13th, 2011

Is there anything that these twins can’t do? They’ve already got three huge fashion brands (The Row, Elizabeth & James and Olsenboye) and now they’re turning their dainty manicured hands to footwear design as they’re set to take over the creative directorship at Italian show brand Superga.

Steve Madden, who holds the North American license for the brand, said on this new merging of minds: “We do a lot of business with Mary-Kate and Ashley. They’ve become friends.”

Surprisingly, the plucky enterprising twins actually approached Superga about the project, instead of the other way round. Ashley spoke out about their new footwear plans: “We were at a meeting with Steve, and we were wearing Supergas – two years later, it kind of fell into our lap. I really don’t think there’s anything like this brand. It’s a tennis-shoe brand with 100 years under its belt. Superga is really a luxurious brand. We are really hoping to bring it back to its roots.”

We absolutely can’t wait to see what Mary-Kate and Ashley come up with for their S/S designs..

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Sienna Miller has donated her favourite shoes to charity

By emilyborrett on August 18th, 2011

The actress Sienna Miller has donated her favourite pairs of shoes to the charity “Small Steps Project”, which raises awareness of children in Cambodia working on landfill sites.

Along with other celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Colin Firth and Eva Green, Sienna will be auctioning off her very favourite shoes, with the profit going to the Small Steps Project, at the Royal Society of Medicine on the 12th of October.

The charity was started by celebrity journalist Amy Hanson, who was shocked by the poverty and living conditions in Cambodia when she visited in 2008. She said about her time there: “When I went to Cambodia, I witnessed huge landfills filled with our waste and excess packaging where the local children would look for scraps to sell in order to support their families. Ideally we want to raise enough money to get the children away from the rubbish dumps and into schools, but for now we’re focusing on providing durable boots to prevent the children from harming themselves with the shards of glass and sharp objects on the ground.”

A very worthy cause. If you happen to be the same shoe size as Sienna, and you’ve got money to burn then get down to that auction in October!

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Trend Alert: Top 10 loafers and brogues

By emilyborrett on August 2nd, 2011

Madison Animal-Print Loafer

With starlets everywhere choosing to chop off their looks for boyish styles and spurning evening gowns for tuxedo jackets and suits, androgyny has never been hotter than it is right now. Thanks to Dolce & Gabbana and Stella McCartney, this Autumn it’s going to be all about doing it like a dude, and we want in.

Luckily there’s a cool and easy way to go androgynous without having to wear a zoot suit, if that sounds a little daunting to you – forget your trusty ballerina flats and trade them in for a masculine, classic pair of brogues or loafers a la Alexa Chung, because within a month or so they’ll be the only flat shoe that matters. They’ll look good with anything, whether it’s a floaty summer dress or a pair of skinny jeans and a band shirt. (Especially good with skinny jeans and a band shirt).

The high street is allll over this trend – I particularly recommend Topshop, whose scarlet leopard-printed loafers are a quirky and colourful take on the trend and will look great with a pair of leggings and a slouchy jumper for a laid-back look. Another favourite pair is the metallic pewter pair from Asos, which will jazz up a pair of jeans or an old dress.

This is a great trend for us Brits because classic masculine footwear is what we do best. It’s quirky, old fashioned and cool – get on board with this season’s It shoe and check out the gallery above.

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ShinyStyle Loves: Kurt Geiger AW 2011

By Andrea Petrou on July 18th, 2011

Kurt Geiger AW 2011

Picture 1 of 5

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Liv Tyler is “obsessed” with high-heeled shoes

By Andrea Petrou on June 28th, 2011

Liv Tyler is “obsessed” with high-heeled shoes.

The actress – who stands at 5ft 10in tall – has not always been comfortable with her height but now embraces it because she feels fine about her statuesque physique.

She said: “I’m obsessed with wearing heels all the time now, these Louboutin heels. They’re really comfortable.

“I was this tall when I was, I think, 11? So at 11 I was five feet 10 inches and I had size 10 shoes. This came to me like a light bulb recently, like, ‘Why am I so shy when I’m tall?’ and ‘Why do I feel better in flats and Converse?’ ”

The 33-year-old star now believes she stopped wearing the glamorous shoes because she had been stuck thinking the same way she did as a child.

She added to Nylon magazine: “It’s because I was a giant at 11 years old and I was so much taller than everyone. All the boys! But today I feel happy to be tall.”

Despite her love for heels, Liv has previously revealed she likes to kick off her shoes and her clothes after an event and be “comfortable”.

She said: “I really enjoy dressing up but the moment I get home I take everything off and put my sweats on or my pyjamas – I like to be comfortable.

“I still have my original pair of Converse trainers from when I was a teenager somewhere in my closet.”

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Nicola Roberts would love to design her own range of shoes.

By Andrea Petrou on June 27th, 2011

Nicola Roberts would love to design her own range of shoes.

The Girls Aloud singer – who is renowned for her fashion choices – has recently created a pair of shoes to accompany her debut solo album ‘Cinderella Eyes’ and admitted working on her own shoe collection would be a dream come true.

She said: “I love fashion and I love the way that clothes can make you feel. I also kind of respect it so much that I would never just take my position for granted in the fact that would just throw a clothing line out. I would love to do a shoe collection. I have just designed a shoe for the album campaign because the record is called Cinderella’s eyes it’s my take on the modern day glass slipper, so to have fun with something like a shoe collection would be amazing.”

Nicola has previously developed her own make-up range Dainty Doll and is thrilled high street pharmacy Boots will now be selling the brand online and in stores.

Talking to Alex Baker on Gaydar Radio, she said: “The whole team is so proud that we have managed to get Boots on board. They’re backing the brand which is just incredible. It is a dream come true in terms of developing the makeup range. It is a store that I grew up going into and real women and real girls go into everyday and to be able have my line in there is just really amazing.”

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Aruna Seth wants to see Pippa Middleton wearing more of her shoes

By Andrea Petrou on June 21st, 2011

One of Pippa Middleton’s favourite designers hopes to see the royal family wearing more of her designs.
Duchess Catherine’s sister wore a pair of Aruna Seth silver sandals with her green Alice Temperley gown to her sibling’s wedding reception and Aruna hopes Pippa will influence other members of the royal family to follow in her footsteps.

She told “We’d love to see more of the royal family at all their social events in Aruna Seth shoes.

“The royal family have to wear classic outfits because their photographs are remembered forever, and we design our shoes to be classics with longevity. We loved Princess Beatrice’s Philip Treacy hat at the royal wedding and her dusty pink Valentino couture outfit looked divine. We’d love to see more A-list celebrities wearing Aruna Seth at the Oscars next year and we’ll certainly be sending out extra pairs of our shoes over to LA in preparation for all the awards ceremonies.”

With the royals’ emphasis on classic couture, Aruna is hopeful her company’s latest collection in neutral shades will be exactly what they are looking for.

She added: “This summer we’ve tried to focus on neutral colours, many of the shoes are nude and tan toned with the idea the shoes can be easily matched with many outfits and are a classic design.

“We still have some sparkly shoes in the collection, for example our silver Lynn Swarovski butterfly sandals.”

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Jimmy Choo launching a capsule collection based on its most memorable styles.

By Andrea Petrou on June 16th, 2011

Jimmy Choo is launching a capsule collection based on its most memorable styles.

The shoe label – run by British executive Tamara Mellon – has collated a number of famous items including a feather sandal worn by Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’ and a peep-toe once worn by Natalie Portman for the set, which will also feature re-worked new versions of old classics.

Tamara said: “I wanted to create a modern capsule collection by memorable styles from our history that represented milestone moments for the brand and embody the DNA of our house style.

“These modern interpretations of classic designs represent the iconic glamour of Jimmy Choo today.”

The collection will be able to be seen in a book, Jimmy Choo XV, which will be available from February next year.

The footwear brand was recently sold to luxury goods group Labelux for $855 million, with Tamara saying she was “delighted” to be part of the business family.

She said: “I am immensely proud of all we have achieved over the last 15 years and delighted we are to be part of Labelux, a partner that I know shares our values and passion and [that] seeks ambitious growth in the luxury industry.

“This is wonderful news for the women who are, or who aspire to become, part of the Jimmy Choo lifestyle.”


Shoes which Naomi Campbell famously fell over in have been put on display.

By Andrea Petrou on June 14th, 2011

The shoes which Naomi Campbell famously fell over in have been put on display.

The supermodel was wearing the Super Elevated Gillie heels by Dame Vivienne Westwood when she spectacularly tumbled to the ground as she took part in a Paris catwalk show in 1993.

Now the nine-inch high mock-crocodile skin shoes are part of an exhibition at the Bowes Museum, County Durham, England, which shows off shoes from Vivienne’s range since 1973.

Ahead of the exhibition, Vivienne said: “Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put women’s beauty on a pedestal.”

Joanna Hashagen, keeper of textiles at the Bowes Museum, said all the pieces of footwear, including the infamous ‘Super Elevated Gillie’ shoes, were “works of art in themselves”.

She said: “We all know about how fantastic her clothes are, but this is the first time anyone has really focused on her shoe collection.

“They are just staggering – and they are made from everything, anything you could think of.

“When you see them, you see they are sculptures, they are works of art in themselves.”

Visitors have until 10 July to catch the exhibition before it moves to Japan, New York and China.

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Suri Cruise’s shoe collection worth over £100,000

By Andrea Petrou on June 7th, 2011

Suri Cruise’s shoe collection is worth over £100,000.

The five-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has reportedly had several pairs of high-heeled footwear specially-made for her and already has favourite designers.

A source said: “Suri has so many designer shoes.

“She’s a massive fan of Marc Jacobs and she’s had several shoes custom-made, so if they didn’t come with a heel, Katie had them redesigned for Suri. She commissioned a pair of Louboutins for her a while back!”

Suri is said to insist on only wearing high heels and her famous father is happy to indulge her tastes.

The insider added to Britain’s Star magazine: “The older she gets, the less she wants to wear anything but little heels.

“Even when she’s going to play dates or walking on the beach, she cries if Katie reaches for anything but a little pair of sandals with some sort of heel. She literally cries, ‘No, Mama, no!’ And then points to whatever pair she feels like wearing – no matter how inappropriate!”

“Tom loves seeing his little girl dressed up so girlie and cute. He encourages her to wear frilly dresses and tiny heels. He says Suri is growing up to be as fashionable as her mum.

“Everything’s pink. She’s a young girl who knows what she wants.”

However, Katie is said to be getting tired of her daughter’s requests – particularly as she also insists on selecting outfits for her parents.

The source said: “It’s hard keeping up with a growing girl. Suri sometimes picks out the shoes her mum should wear, and then picks out shoes for her dad.

“They genuinely seem to value her opinion and want her to make her own decisions.”

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