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Trend Alert: Top 5 espadrille wedges

By emilyborrett on May 30th, 2011

The gorgeously feminine sexed-up espadrilles on the catwalk at D&G

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When it comes to compiling a holiday or a summer wardrobe, everyone knows the importance of a good pair of shoes. After all, the right apparel on your feet can either make or break an outfit. But sometimes it just seems too daunting to pull on stilettos or monster heels just to feel confident and stylish – and that’s why we’re thanking God for the espadrille wedge, one of this season’s hottest shoes thanks to designers D&G. Pretty, leg-lengthing and comfy, investing in a pair is going to be a serious thought this summer.

Luckily this is one particular trend that the high street is embracing wholeheartedly, so you don’t have to pay designer prices for a great pair of summer shoes. When we trawled the internet to look at what’s out there we found masses of great styles, but to keep things simple we’ve condensed things down into our top 5 to save you time (you lucky, lucky reader).

ShinyStyle’s star buy? Topshop’s floral cotton wedges, complete with a pretty print and ankle ties. Wear them to a summer BBQ or out to a party – no matter where you are, your feet will be beautifully adorned.

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ShinyStyle Loves: Pied a Terre SS 2011 shoe collection

By Andrea Petrou on May 23rd, 2011

Ammi £140

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Nicola Roberts helps design solo shoes

By Andrea Petrou on May 23rd, 2011

Nicola Roberts has helped design the shoes she will wear to launch her solo career.

The Girls Aloud star collaborated with up-and-coming designer Atalanta Weller to create the wedged footwear she wears on her promotional shots and Atalanta admits she was very hands-on.

She told “A collaboration is like a good conversation. Nicola came to my studio a couple of times and I went to hers; we initially chatted about her music, the forthcoming album and how this related to her vision for the shoes. I went away and started designing my response to this. After our first meeting I was excited by her ideas and collaborating with people who have a strong vision is really fantastic. Nicola considers everything she does really carefully and has a totally clear view of what she wants to achieve. While the shoes are just a small part of this, I knew it would be interesting and fun to work together.”

Although Atalanta admits they were an unlikely pairing, she said they worked very well together.

She said: “I think we are an unlikely pairing which is why I was intrigued when Nicola approached me about working together. I think that she has incredible style and she’s extremely distinctive, luxurious and original in the way she wears clothes. I have not collaborated like this before and the fact that it was for the launch of Nicola’s solo music career meant we could be quite experimental. Everything was new and fresh.”

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ShinyStyle loves: Matalan bargain summer fashion

By Andrea Petrou on April 21st, 2011

Boyfriend fit denim shorts £8

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Top five fringed looks for SS2011

By Andrea Petrou on April 14th, 2011

As we told you earlier on today, fringing is back with a vengeance. It made an appearance on Louis Vuitton, House of Holland and Mark Fast catwalks covering bags and coats as well as hanging off dresses.
Therefore it’s no surprise that the highstreet is buzzing with these designs from shoes to suits.
The key rule with this trend is to keep it simple.

A fringed top and skirt won’t work, so instead select one item of clothing with this detailing and accessorise with plain jewellery and if you’re feeling daring add a fringed bag or sandals. Just over do it. The fringe look may be in but the cowboy one went out a while ago.

View the gallery below for some of our fringed faves.

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Celebrity Trends: Christian Louboutin as seen on Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole

By Andrea Petrou on April 4th, 2011

Jennifer Hudson

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AP Photo/Charles Sykes

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Top 5 ballerina flats

By Andrea Petrou on March 17th, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Licorice Gold Ballerina Flats

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For the ultimate in shoe eye candy, you can't go wrong with these sparkle-dusted flats from Miss KG.

Thanks to the Black Swan phenomenon that’s had absolutely everyone talking, fashion is all about ballet right now. From costume-esque ornate ruffles and adornment at Marchesa and sweet, sugary colours at Stella McCartney, ballet has never been so hot. However, being a ballerina is really really hard (I’ve been doing ballet workouts at home and think I may never walk again), but dressing like one is really very easy and perfect for this spring.

The real, traditional dancer shoes are both painful (or so I’ve heard) and not practical for traipsing up and down the shops in, but ballet flats are. We all own a pair, but with fashion’s obsession with clogs, wedges and skyscraping heels recently we may not have been showing ours as much love as they deserve. After all, they’re our best friend after a long night out in stilettos- we wouldn’t be able to manage the walk of shame home without them. So we’ve searched the high street and found our top 5 favourite ballerina flats out at the moment, ranging from luxurious designer ones to basic failsafe ones. Check them out in the gallery above.


Christian Louboutin designing shoe range inspired by gay Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas

By Andrea Petrou on March 8th, 2011

Christian Louboutin is designing a shoe range inspired by gay Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas.

The legendary footwear maker is close friends with the sportsman – who came out in 2009 – and the pair reportedly met for lunch in Cardiff last month to discuss the new collection, which will be called ‘Alfie’, Gareth’s nickname.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Christian is working on a casual shoe range, with Gareth as the main inspiration. He’s really chuffed about it.”

While Christian has a popular menswear line and last year designed a range of sneakers with DJ Swizz Beatz, he is more famous for his high-heeled designs – which are a favourite among a host of celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss.

He has previously revealed he measures how good his shoes are by what they look like on a naked woman.

He said: “The ultimate must still look good when a woman is naked. The design that encapsulates my career is the Pigalle, a low-cut, high-heeled pump. It’s so subtle in that it adds something sexy to the body, but you don’t immediately realise that it’s the shoe that is making the difference.”

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Top five bright must haves

By Andrea Petrou on February 8th, 2011

Red shoes

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We're head over heels for these red shoes from La Redoute

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Get the look: Boardwalk Empire 1920s fashion

By Andrea Petrou on February 2nd, 2011

Purple dress

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Give a nod to the 20s slinky silhouette with this satin and chiffon maxi dress from Jarlo London

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ShinyStyle’s top 10 Christmas party heels

By Andrea Petrou on December 15th, 2010

By Emily Borrett.

The Christmas party season is definitely a fun one, but definitely a bit of a chore when it comes to reinventing old tried and true party outfits. (I’ve had to be extremely creative over the past few weeks vis-a-vis hair and accessories over the past couple of weeks in an attempt to stop people noticing I’m just wearing the same thing over and over.) What’s more, now is not the time for us normal people to go a bit bonkers and daring with our party outfits.

With Christmas drinks, carbohydrate binges and full days spent on the sofa eating at their annual peak, now is not the time to wear that amazing body-con dress that you’ve been wanting to wear out for ages – unless you’re Gisele or Elle McPherson, you’ll spent the whole evening in the corner self-consciously holding your handbag against your middle, trying to hide your winter tummy and worrying if your nude embellished tights do your legs any favours. I beg of you – this is the season that little black dresses and opaques were made for. Familiar? Yes. Done before? Maybe. Boring? Certainly not.

Don’t bother getting a new dress – spend your money on accessories instead that will give your wardrobe a whole new lease of life and have you party-ready in seconds. In the gallery below are ten of our favourite party shoes, from the cheap to the up-market – we especially love New Look’s scarlet silk heels, which wouldn’t look out of place at a 1930s cocktail party, and the stunning sci-fi-esque gold heels from Carvela. Whether you’re skint or loaded, if you shop at Primark or Jimmy Choo, there’s a shoe on this list to suit you.

T-Bar Gem Detail Heels

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AW2010 Trend Alert: Bows

By Andrea Petrou on October 21st, 2010

Irregular choice Love at first sight

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Trend Alert: Bright shoes

By Andrea Petrou on October 11th, 2010

Pale soft strap court shoe

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Loving Louboutins:Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna

By Andrea Petrou on September 1st, 2010

If  our fairy shoe mother was to give us £1000 we’d head straight to Christian Louboutin and buy a pair of his red soled shoes.

Part of us would want to cherish them, probably never wear them outdoors for fear that we would get the sky scraper heel caught in a drain or spill something nasty on the lovely leather or pretty patent. While the other part would want to take them everywhere we went just to show we had a pair.

However because celebrities can afford more than a pair they tend to do the latter strutting around in their red soled beauties and making us drawl.

Serial red sole flashers include Coleen Rooney who is hardly ever snapped without a pair on her lucky feet, Cheryl Cole who likes to flash these, and Rihanna.

And even Posh who in the past has had problems because of wearing skyscraper heels can’t keep herself away from these.

We’ve put together a gallery of  Louboutin loving celebs and their gorgeous shoes. We feel a touch of the green eyed monster coming on…

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designer pick of the week

Christian Louboutin launches trainer range

By admin on August 24th, 2010

It seems ShinyStyle is having a little bit of a shoe day. This morning we bought you the news that Selfridges was launching an exhibition dedicated to Vivienne Westwood’s shoes and now we’ve just been told about a gorgeous new range from Christian Louboutin.

However, if you’re expecting us to bang on about sky-scraper heels, complete with the red patent soles, that  Mr Louboutin is best known for, then think again, because this range is all about (shock horror) flats and trainers.

No, you don’t need to reach for your glasses, you read right, because his new collection is all about crystal encrusted, metallic and leopard print hi-top trainers, which have just stepped through the doors of Harvey Nichols.

Being fans of flats we can’t wait to get our hands on these, which give a nod to the 80s trend (yes it’s still lurking around in AW 2010) and are great for sporty chic. We’ll be putting these £700 designer babies on our “must have” list.

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