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Selfridges launches Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition

By admin on August 24th, 2010

I’m a massive fan of Vivienne Westwood’s shoes and recently added a pair from her collaboration with rubber sole label Melissa, to my growing collection. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that Selfridges is opening an exhibition of her shoes this week.

And it seems like it’s going to include everything from the new shoes I’ve got to the notorious towering platforms that landed Naomi Campbell on the floor of the catwalk.

‘Vivienne Westwood Shoes: An Exhibition 1973-2010′ is set to open in the London department store’s Ultra Lounge on Thursday and gives shoe lovers the opportunity to get up and close to 200 pairs of shoes. It may sound like shoe torture, being that you can’t try them on or take them home but I definitely recommend you get yourself over there. I’ll be the one standing and drawling on the sidelines.

Celebrity Style

Get the look: Alexa Chung’s Met Ball shoes

By Andrea Petrou on May 6th, 2010

Alexa Chung Met ball-400.jpg

Unlike many of the A-listers that turned up in fab frocks for the Met Ball over the weekend, Alexa Chung opted for an androgenous style.

She turned up at the fashion focused event looking stunning in a Phillip Lim tux, which made her stand out from the crowd in a good way. To give the look a more femine feel Ms Chung also teamed this up with a cutesy girly blouse, which looks suspiciously like Chanel, a brand that Alexa is a huge fan of.

However, one of our favourite parts of this outfit was Alexa’s black shoes. We’re currently trying to find out where these are from (if you know please tell us by leaving your comments below) but we’ve found a very similar, and we’re sure, cheaper pair from Shudoo.

These Bertie Seychelles have a peep toe, which is perfect for the summer, and come in at a very reasonable £80.

Grab them now.


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Joss Stone to design forotwear range for Nine West

By Andrea Petrou on April 27th, 2010

Joss Stone at Coachella Festival 2009.jpg

It doesn’t seem as though the celebrity designing trend is going to end anytime soon. Everywhere we turn new actresses, models and singers are announcing collaborations with designers and today it’s the turn of Joss Stone.

The songstress who prefers to go barefoot when she performs in concerts has announced that she will be designing a range of footwear for Nine West, which the company claims will be based on the “many facets of her personality” and her array of floral tattoos

However, we’re a little bit disappointed with this Brit singer who will be designing for the US arm, which has a moto of “rugged American individualism.”

Despite that, there is a silver cloud here. The A/W collection will be raising funds for the charity Soles4Souls.

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Get the look: Chloe Sevigny’s festival sandals

By Lauren Bravo on April 19th, 2010

chloesevignysocks.jpgWith festival season just around the corner (watch this space for our round-up of the most fashion-forward fests to be seen at this summer), it’s time to start planning those tent-friendly outfits.

Be outstanding in your field by looking to some of the most seasoned celebs – Pixie Lott, Agyness Deyn, the Geldof girls and Florence Welch all do festival chic expertly, with lots of hotpants, sundresses and vintage t-shirts flying that Brit fashion flag.

But bringing a catwalk edge to the meadows and moshpits isn’t always easy, which is why Chloe Sevigny should be applauded for her efforts. From leather shorts to Lanvin dresses and that visible bra look, the Big Love actress has never been afraid to push style boundaries. So when we saw this picture of her at last year’s Coachella wearing socks with flat sandals, we knew that sooner or later we would come round to the idea.

CAT-R304593-040709-rgb150.jpgAnd so we have. It may have taken a year, but with 2010’s Coachella currently in swing we thought we might give the look a go with these lookalike sandals from Cat Footwear. At £59.99 we’re guessing they’re a darn sight cheaper than Chloe’s pair, and they’re the perfect way to dress down summer’s prim and proper frocks.

Plus, they’re a far less sweaty alternative to wellies for covering festival terrain. We’re putting good money on the flat sandal being a hit with this year’s festival fashionistas, but whether it’s Glasto or your garden, take a tip from Chloe and go comfy. Oh, and if you attempt them with socks, send us a picture. We want evidence.

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Gallery: the new boho

By Lauren Bravo on April 14th, 2010

It’s a word that inspires joy in some of us and horror in others; but like it or loathe it, boho finds its way back into our wardrobes season after season.

Ever since Sienna donned those gypsy skirts, ever since Nicole Ritchie went maxi, ever since we discovered repeats of Little House on the Prairie on Sky, folksy fashion has had a firm place at the heart of British style.

We’ve already told you how you should be wearing the look in 2010, and now we’ve taken the trouble of finding you the best new boho pieces out there… aren’t we good to you?

Our three keys to getting it right are: smoosh, swish and stomp. Or in grown-up terms, messing it up, abundant fabric, and shoes that mean business. If you’re a reluctant hippie, break yourself in gently with a denim shirt, lacy frock and floppy hat, while for bolder bohemians, there are maxi dresses, clogs and gingham to explore.

So plait your hair, grab your lassoo and get yourself down the shops. Oh, and just a word of warning – no Uggs allowed. This isn’t 2004, love.

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Celebrity Style

Get the look: Pixie Lott’s ballerina style shoes

By Andrea Petrou on March 25th, 2010

Pixie 1.jpg

We love Pixie Lott’s sassy and kooky fashion sense, which unlike Lady Gaga’s style can be worn almost everyday.

One example of this are these gorgeous Aruna Seth black flats the singer was spotted wearing to the Ivy this week.

We heart the peep toe style, which givse a summer twist to traditional ballet pumps, and the crystal butterfly.

Copy Pixie’s style and team up with shorts, tights and a blazer. Or wear with jeans for a spring daytime look.

However, a word of warning: Star style doesn’t come cheap as these shoes cost £365.

We think it may be time we sent our bank manager and credit card company some flowers….

Liana black top view.jpg

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Best shoes for spring – what you should and shouldn’t be wearing

By Andrea Petrou on March 4th, 2010

alexa-chanel clogs.jpg

Lauren Bravo writes: Spring is here! For once in our worryingly incongruous meteorological climate, the weather has got it right. March started and BAM, the sun is out, chill has gone and we can all venture out in our second-warmest jackets with all-over thermal insulation, just as fashion intended.

But despite all the gaiety and the promise of daffodils, baby chicks, crème-egg-and-hot-cross-bun sandwiches etc, there’s also that nagging feeling at the back of my mind. Because spring means, inevitably, summer. And summer means, inevitably, shoe dilemmas. Or sweaty tube rides, blisters, and shoe dilemmas.

As a lifelong adversary of the flipflop, warm weather footwear has always caused me issues. Instead of the beautiful colours and pleasing, clunky form of proper shoes, in summer we’re suddenly expected to do little more than strap a sole to our feet with a bit of flimsy metallic lacing and try to keep them on as we negotiate miniature golf courses. Summer footwear doesn’t contribute to an outfit; it is demanding, with its rubbing and its chafing and its necessitating a pedicure. Gone is the powerful stomp of the Alpha female, and in comes the pathetic flap-flap of the summer trudger.

Thankfully, this time round it looks like we’ll have other opinions. Spring/summer 2010 is presenting us with two intriguing shoe options: the Midi Heel Mum Shoe and the Clog. Both offer more substance and coverage than the average summer shoe trend, thus should be greeted with happy gratitude by shopper bored with sloppy Havaianas, and, even better, we don’t have to wait till the temperature hikes to start wearing them. But which will you be sporting?

First up is the midi heel, which one suspects will be the more enduring trend, a) because they are less ridiculous and b) because you can wear them, and, like, still walk and everything. They are a gift to women with feet everywhere. After years of heels growing more and more vertiginous, until our current point where shops seem to have lost sight of what shoes were originally intended for and lapsed into some form of masochistic battle weaponry, fashion folk are finally lowering the stakes again.

I have had a midi heel fixation for a little while now, hunting out those elusive 2-3 inch styles in a sea of six inch beasts. Midi heels confirm the theory that women really can have it all – we can have feeling in our toes AND a sexy clip-clop when we walk, AND look presentable all at the same time. Life really is better in the middle, it’s just like that Clover ad says.

As a wider trend, midi heels will be around for a good few seasons, but this summer they’ll be used more specifically as support for the 1970s-style Mum shoe; a beachy, sturdy, hippieish affair normally spotted on middle-aged eco campaigners and librarians. With espadrille soles, ankle ties, low wedges and wide, comfortable straps all key features, it’s a daunting trend for those of us who’ve spent winter glued into our biker boots. But you can always toughen up the look with a leather jacket and a slash of vibrant lipstick. Hemp kaftan optional.

Then there’s the other contender, a far less user-friendly prospect. As far as street-worthy trends go it’s in its infancy, but best make your peace with them now because it won’t be long before they’re ‘it shoe’ du jour. So far, this is what we know about clogs: Dutch people are supposed to wear them; Dutch people don’t really wear them, but they do sell them in souvenir shops; Alexa Chung wore them on the cover of March Vogue; actually, Alexa Chung’s been wearing them everywhere; Alexa Chung looks good in them; we may, or may not, also look good in them (sources are yet to confirm whether this is in direct proportion to one’s resemblance to Alexa Chung).

But before we dismiss them as crazy shoes for crazy women, we should consider the advantages of clogs. They are chunky, thus far easier to wear than spring’s other heel trend, ‘the spindle’. They are wooden, thus far less likely to come apart in the middle of Oxford Street and require you to hop home. They are actually pretty flattering, if worn with a teeny skirt and black opaques or, when it gets warmer, bare legs with some sort of sundress and denim jacket. They are a subtle nod to the prairie trend that’s set to hit, far preferable to a broderie anglaise smock and a stetson. And if anyone mocks you, you can kick them where it hurts and do some serious damage.

So there we have it, forget the summer trudgers and embrace the new spring stompers. And by the time you’ve mastered your clog dance, it’ll be winter again without anybody noticing.

Designer Fashions

Manolo Blahnik talks about his SS2010 collection

By Andrea Petrou on March 1st, 2010

Manolo SS2010.jpg
We couldn’t mention Sex and The City and ignore Manolo Blahnik, especially after news of his latest creations are making a bit of a splash in the fashion world today.

The shoe designer has spoken about his Spring collection, which has been inspired by a range of things including the flats by Audrey Hepburn, some of the stilettos by old Hollywood glamour, some of the adornments by Spanish architecture, and one style even by Einstein’s tongue.

“My favourite style is the Gloton in polkadot,” Blahnik told VOGUE.COM. “This is a great summer shoe, which I have always loved, and variations of it have always featured in my collections…..It brings a smile to my face when I look at it and I hope it will do the same to women when they put the shoe on.”

Mr Blahnik we guarantee we’ll be smiling like Cheshire cats from the minute we touch any of your gorgeous footwear.

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Dates for your diary: Laura J shoe boutique vintage Valentine’s Day fair

By Andrea Petrou on February 12th, 2010

Laura J.jpg

We’ve already put together some galleries of Valentine’s Day outfits and accessories for you, but if you’re still stuck on finding those perfect shoes then boutique Laura J may be a step in the right direction.

The North London shoe boutique is having a day of Valentine’s themed pampering where you’ll be able to try on and pick from a huge selection of the shop’s footwear range as well as vintage jewellery and hand made underwear.

You can even leave your other half outside to be entertained by Burlesque dancer Bella De Jac who will be posing as a live mannequin in the store’s window.

The Vintage Valentine’s Fair takes place tomorrow at Laura J 114 Islington High Street.

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Armani relaunches it’s website

By Andrea Petrou on February 4th, 2010
Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture S/S 2010 - Giorgio Armani Prive - Runway

With the cold weather continuing to bite and the rain not looking like its going to pass anytime soon, heading out the the highstreet isn’t looking too appealing.

In the past many of us have coped by buying the latest fashions from one of the huge range of online stores.

However, for those who like the designer delights of Bond Street, choices have been limited, until now that is.

Armani has just relaunched its website, bringing all it’s collections together and offering the chance to buy some beauty and fashion items as well as watches and branded mobile phones online.

Log onto the site and you’ll find Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Armani Jeans, Armani Exchange, Armani Junior and Armani Casa.

And you’ll also be able to view and comment on the collections through a dedicated Facebook page and YouTube channel.

We think this is a genius idea, but we think we may have to find an equally clever place to hide our purses and credit cards.

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Designer Antonio Berardi turns down the chance to work with Lady Gaga

By Andrea Petrou on December 14th, 2009

Thumbnail image for Lady gaga.jpg

It seems not everyone on the fashion scene is as keen as we thought on Lady Gaga, namely Antonio Berardi, who was offered the chance to work with her but turned it down.

The designer best known for his hell-less latex shoes , which are adored by Victoria Beckham, and who has a range of celebrity clients including Megan Fox, Amber Rose, Eva Mendes and Gwyneth Paltrow, told The Herald Sun in Australia: “I was approached to design a clothing range with Lady Gaga but I knocked it back because I wasn’t interested in someone whose music is meaningless,”

He said this was because: “Her music is meaningless now so what impact will it have in 20 years?” he said in Sydney.

Oh dear, we hope the comments don’t set off a star studded fight.

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Happy Birthday Manolo Blahnik. We celebrate with a shoe gallery

By Andrea Petrou on November 27th, 2009

We want to wish Manolo Blahnik a very happy birthday and we know we’re not alone in rejoicing the day that designer was born, well at least when he was old enough to hold a pencil.

Manolo, who is 67 today has done wonders for people’s shoe collections and is creations have been a favourite of the Sex and the City girls with his fabulous footwear appearing on a range of episodes.

One example that sticks in our minds is Season 3, Episode 17 when Carrie got mugged in an alley and the guy took her favourite pair of Manolo strappy sandals. Not the most cheerful but definitely the most poignant.

We remember her words to this day: “Please sir,” she pleaded. “You can take my Fendi baguette, you can take my ring and my watch, but don’t take my Manolo Blahniks.”

So what is it about the designer that makes him stand out?

Well ever since he first started his designing in 1970 Manolo has been solely responsible for the design and prototype of every shoe that bears his name. Working alone without apprentices or assistants, he sketches his shoes, chisels the wooden lasts on which they are moulded and sculpts the heels. He then supervises their production and even sketches the illustrations for his advertising campaigns.

He told his friend Michael Roberts in the 1970s that he achieved all his designs without any formal training as he “didn’t need it.” He said this was because he had “the best taste in the world.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Happy Birthday Manolo, we’ll of course be baking you a stilletto shaped cake.

We’ve also put together a mini gallery of some of the designers creations. Click on the picture below to begin the gallery.

Fashion News

Crocs launch site to get feedback on their shoe designs

By lotte on November 20th, 2009

crocs.jpg The Croc is a shoe that divides people, much like the Ugg. Usually, those people arguing for the Croc claim that comfort should take precedence over any other factor in footwear; everyone else points out calmly that Crocs are probably the most hideous things you could ever choose to put on your feet.

Crocs have decided to tap into this cultural divide by launching a website that allows users to give feedback on Crocs designs. According to the site, is a global platform where you are able to share your ideas and input with Crocs and fellow community members around the world. When you share an idea, other members can vote your idea to the top and Crocs can put this idea into action.

In other words, you do the work so the design team doesn’t have to.

In their defense, the Crocs brand now offers a lot more than the plastic clog hybrid that made them famous; unfortunately the ones we liked the most were a rip-off of these Marc Jacobs ballet shoes.

If you have the urge to input your ideas for the Crocs brand, visit the site here.


Scary spikes on Louise Goldin’s line for Topshop

By lotte on November 17th, 2009

Louise Goldin for Topshop 3.jpg Topshop are great at collaborating with new young designers, and their upcoming range of shoes by Louise Goldin (for the boutique collection) is another example. They’re quite similar to the ones she showed on the catwalk for Spring/Summer 2009, but those ones were styled with cute ankle socks. Although we’re sure someone adorable could tone these pointy court shoes down with a hyper-girly outfit, we think on most people they’d look downright scary. The combination of studs and aggressive-looking spikes means we’re not sure we’d be brave enough to wear them.

The toe spikes look like they could do quite a bit of damage if you decided to kick someone with them, too. Not that we would ever encourage violence here at ShinyStyle, but maybe they’d be a useful deterrant against muggers.

The shoes will be available spring 2010.

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Christmas party outfits: Very high heels

By lotte on November 16th, 2009

We’ve covered a lot of the essentials for Christmas party style over the last couple of weeks, but now it’s time for the most important part of any outfit: the shoes.

Heels are as high as they’ve ever been this year, and our picks reflect that. Whether you need a pair to ramp up an outfit from a 10 to an 11 on the oufit-ometer, or just to complete an already glittery and over-the-top ensemble, one thing the shoes have to be is towering. If there was ever a time to get out your shoes that are a bit uncomfortable but make your legs look amazing, Christmas is the time. (Just remember to buy some Party Feet gel insoles.)

And if you’re worried about the risk to your ankles after you’ve had one too many glasses of champagne, we’ve included some shoes you can fit in your party bag to change into at the end of the night.

Metallics (especially gold) and different textures are hot this season. See if any of these heels work with your party outfits.

Click the picture below to start the gallery.

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