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Fancy a piece of biscuit? Beige clothing gets a revamp

By alanamcverry on April 20th, 2010

Beige has always had a rough time. The outcast of the colour family, used synonymously to mean dull, boring and OAP. Never seen for it’s positives, always castigated for what it lacked, colour. As if to prove my point, is a site primarily set up to incite mockery at the old. Under the tab ‘old person fashion’ it is stated “Beige is the most common colour for old peoples clothes although mix and not match is also popular”. To counter this slanderous activity on beige’s fair name, it’s about time we gave it a fair hearing. It seems designers this season agree with me, and beige has been refined, revamped and remodulated… and changed it’s name to biscuit. Three reasons to get involved are all subsumed under the inimitable Parisian style of 60s icons Anna Karina, Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Hardy. If you don’t know them, check them out to see some indisputable stylistic panache. Biscuit can only be worn simply, chicly and with clean lines. She’s a hard mistress, but when adorned correctly, she’s definitely worth it. Check out the gallery below for biscuit ensembles, and where to go for the best biscuit buys this summer.

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J. Crew spring preview

By Andrea Thatcher on February 13th, 2008

J.%20Crew%20preview.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

The J. Crew catalog always manages to brainwash me into thinking I’m more outdoorsy than I truly am. When I get their winter catalog, all I can think of is ski vacations and time spent by the fire. And I want to fill my wardrobe with staples for such an existence, even though I usually only get one weekend in the mountains and have no fireplace.

Then, come the spring/summer catalog I see days at the beach stretching before me and cocktail parties on expansive lawns in Hampton-esque glamour. Needless to say, I barely get to the beach anymore, and my cocktail hour is more likely to be in a bar.

But who says you can’t dress aspirationally – keep reading for how to dress for the life you want instead of the one you have.

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Designer Pick of the Week: The Burberry Trench

By Andrea Thatcher on January 29th, 2008


We’re in the mood for classics with a twist today at Shiny (see the LaPrairie limited edition jeweled version of their covetted Skin Caviar Luxe Cream over at ShinyGloss!).

So we thought what’s more classic than the Burberry trench? And since this is our most decadent pick of the week – why not show you the most expensive one: the $2,495 gold leather version.

There are 27 versions currently available on the Web site, not to mention the made to order trench coat service available at Burberry stores. Lucky patrons are able to select the style, color, warmer, lining, and collar.

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Valentino Red ruffled trench coat

By Andrea Thatcher on October 16th, 2007

When the chilly days ahead call for light outerwear–put the wool coats on hold! Trench coats offer a nice alternative to the sweatercoat or heavy jacket. This year’s roundup includes plenty of bright and glossy patent leather numbers, military-inspired designs and boxy silhouettes to feature a masculine-feminine balance. Still, it’s the classic khaki trench that makes its way into the fall/winter wardrobe with class. The thick belt and oversized buttons are the distinguishing features of an authentic trench, but finding one that provides just the right silhouette can be challenging. An above-knee length is ideal for both pants and dresses, and offers just enough coverage to fend off that cooler breeze and rain of the season.

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Isabel Toledo takes Anne Klein in a new direction for spring

By Andrea Thatcher on September 15th, 2007

For her second collection for Anne Klein, Isabel Toledo created clothing she described as “industrial glamour.” The Cuban designer adorned dresses with childlike hand-painted floral prints, courtesy of her artist husband accidentally smearing paint on a dress. The line was a melding of American sportswear, garden party, and industrial design. Highlights of the collection included a trench coat covered in rainbow tiles, black-and-white striped skinny pants, and a cinched-waist gray frock. The items were a bit inconsistent, though, with flirty, feminine classic spring dresses with floral prints followed by shiny silver and leather. While Toledo is obviously still trying to find her comfort zone, the collection was a refreshing change of pace for the label, which has struggled to find its voice in recent years.

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