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Interview with The Budget Fashionista in the NY “Daily News”

By Andrea Thatcher on October 16th, 2007


Kathryn Finney, the thirty-one year old fashion blogger and founder of has made a career––and an astonishing salary ($150,000 a year!)––out of giving her fashion advice and budget shopping tips to stylish ladies through her website. While advertisers now scramble to work with her, Finney wasn’t always part of the fashion world. In fact, she started as an epidemiologist (a.k.a. a scientist who studies epidemics). Finney began her site because she wanted to curtail her spending and communicate with friends about her great shopping finds. When she began, blogging was a relatively new phenomenon. Today, the Web is overloaded with solo bloggers imitating her concept.

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Twelve by Twelve from Forever 21

By Andrea Thatcher on October 3rd, 2007

For me, Forever 21 is very hit or miss. Sometimes I go in and I’m overwhelmed by the myriad of tops, dresses and accessories all for around $20, and then sometimes I walk out feeling annoyed because everything is thrown everywhere and I can’t find my size. However, Forever 21’s new line, Twelve by Twelve, is far from frustrating. Twelve by Twelve (21 reversed) is a slightly more sophisticated spin on the regular line. The prices are about 35% higher and the quality, dare I say it, a little bit better?

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