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Is Bradford the least fashionable place in the UK?

By shinychris on August 17th, 2011

Is Bradford - pictured above - the least fashionable place in the UK

Women in Bradford – followed by those living in Wakefield and Sunderland – have been voted the least fashionable in the UK, according to research from Beauty Town.

The 1,000 Brits polled really do think it’s ‘grim up north’ when it comes to female residents, with northern lasses being voted the least beautiful too. Unsurprisingly, the fashionistas of London were voted top in the fashion stakes (63%) as well as being crowned the most beautiful (50%).

However, bucking the north-south divide, those from Edinburgh and Manchester were voted second and third respectively (see league table below).

The survey found that although Londoners are well dressed, Brighton residents are the most confident when it comes to picking an outfit, with 30% saying they had a good eye for fashion compared to just 23% from the capital.

Beauty Town, a new Facebook game where people can open and manage their own virtual fashion boutique, could come to the rescue as it allows players to learn more about fashion and looking good while having fun with their friends. Beauty Town is available to play on Facebook and can be accessed by visiting

The survey found Brits aren’t convinced that women pay much attention to looking good before they walk out the door with 52% saying they don’t take enough care over their appearance, particularly when compared to their European counterparts with 44% saying British women didn’t match up. Only 3% of female respondents said they are a trendsetter amongst their peer group and half said they hardly ever got a truthful opinion on what they wear from their other half.

Beauty Town has been created by Dynamo Games and funded by Channel 4.  It allows players to select clothes and accessories to sell in their shop and enables them to encourage their friends on the social network to visit and make purchases. Beauty Town is available to play at

Beauty Town July 2011 Fashionable Cities League Table

1st London
2nd Manchester
3rd Edinburgh
4th Brighton
5th Liverpool
6th Birmingham
7th Newcastle Upon Tyne
8th Nottingham
9th Glasgow
10th Leeds
11th Cardiff
12th Bristol
13th Belfast
14th Leicester
15th Coventry
16th Sheffield
17th Hull
18th Sunderland
19th Wakefield
20th Bradford

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